Societal Perceptions of Sluts

lovely-assOk, this post is on a certain issue I have in Western society…the bashing of sluts. Full disclosure: I fucking love sluts and think they are the best thing ever…and I don’t really understand the whole, ‘let’s make sure girls aren’t fun and interesting –at least without feeling really guilty about it” thing.

I recently stumble across a post on the net asking this question:
Q. Do Guys like sluts? Do guys not like sluts? Why do guys want sluts? Will guys have relationships with sluts?

Now my answers to these are:
A1. Obviously.
A2. Only deeply troubled guys that are socially awkward and not worth your time of day.
A3. Because sluts have the most fun in life — and if they play their cards right, they can have fun with them– so that everybody wins.
A4. Sure. But it’s best to look for a poly guy as he will not be as freaked out and controlling.

But then I read the answers to the questions (posted by dicks mostly) and I wanted to barf.


Aa. you are a whore & he is just going to use you for sex. if you’re cool with that, go for it.Commentary: wow. Calling a girl names just for asking a question? How abusive and a perfect example of the ingrained acceptableness of slutshaming. And why can’t a slut be empowered and use him for sex?? Just wondering.

Ab.  guys make like whores because they’re easy sex, but they get bored. trust me. better to make him wait for it.

Commentary: Fuck dude, learn basic grammar and punctuation! Secondly, who many people get really bored with sex unless the sex itself is fucking lame (pun intended.)  And ‘making him wait for it’ and these kind of rule-based bullshit games just contributes to the mind-fuck of people not following their natural instincts that has lead

us to such a fucked-up-and-sexually-repressed society.

Ac. First of all i am a female and sluts man or women are ridiculous. i for one do not sleep around and you shouldnt either. guys are turned off by girls who give it up easily. but they still will have sex with you. alot of guys like to hook up but most of them do want to find that one special girl. idk how you do it.
Please change your ways. I know it sounds bad but yes you are a slut and the fact that you don’t have any emotion after sex just proves how terrible some girls can be.Commentary: Goddamn…women are the worst for slut-shaming. I, for one, am turned on by a sexually empowered female. Stop encouraging women to be difficult! Easy is way better. That’s why they call it easy. Where is the benefit of being difficult except that life sucks for longer before it is good.  And lots of guys are hoping that a hookup will turn into an awesome relationship. Finally, assuming that a slut doesn’t have any emotions involved…is just fucked up.  Sluts can be deeply caring and awesome.

person choice slutAd. Guys want sluts because they put out! Most just want to mess around with the sluts and don’t respect them. When guys wants a long term relationship, they’ll seek out a nice girl who has higher standards.Commentary: I most definitely don’t seek out a girl who has ‘higher standards’ and this say more to me about the messed up relationship our society has with sex rather than anything intrinsic to sex/relationships. Not having sex is not some sort of magic way to have good relationships!! But it IS a great way to fall into the friend-zone.  Most powerful relationships are sexually charged from the beginning.

Ae.  Most guys like sluts, but no guys care about/respect/love sluts.

Commentary: omfg no! Lots of guys love and respect sluts. In fact, a problem that sluts have is the guy goes all gooey and falls for her way to fast and she has to push him away. And why the fuck are guys having sex with people they don’t genuinely like and respect?? That makes no goddamn sense at all.  Guys — and girls — need much better training.

Af. The guys are just telling the truth, girls who sleep with different guys before marriage are whores. You sleep around and what do you expect? You want to know something even more amazing? Those same guys do not usually marry whores. They sleep with the whores and marry the “good” girls. They don’t usually want the “left overs”

My Commentary: Fuck. That. So it’s ok for guys to sleep around but not for girls?? WTF? And wrong!! And who the fuck wants to marry a totally sexually inexperienced prude? Honestly, get the fuck outta here you lame ass. I have SOOO much harder a time respecting a so called ‘good girl’ who wants to do bullshit like take me to meet her congregation at church.   Now if you wanted to get high and go party —  then I could get on board. Or be awesome in some way. But a ‘good girl’ is a lame duck that should be put out of her misery by some fat fuck who is willing to drop his standards to marry her.  But if you want a cool and interesting husband, don’t settle for some fuck-knuckle with these kinds of issues.

Ag.  Some guys are actually good guys, and if they really like a girl they won’t have sex with them too soon because they want the girl to realize that they do care for them.

My Commentary: Again, LAME!! Great way to end up in the friend zone. If a guy really likes a girl…he shouldn’t

have sex with her…because if you have sex too soon you don’t careslutwalk about them??? WTF is going on in people’s heads??

Seriously. I think about my friend and wonderful slut Denise.  I met her and was pretty much instantly attracted to her. I wanted to bang her right then and there. Now, she hooked up with a friend of mine so I ended up only kissing her that night…but I do care for her and can’t imagine why meeting someone and knowing you like them right away is a problem!  Now, I’m a guy who trusts my instincts. I can look at a girl and know she’s wanting to hook up — but that doesn’t mean I will. Why? Because I have to like her for that connection to happen. It should always be a 2-way street.  If people are sleeping with each other because they are drunk and manipulative…that’s a general issue in society but has nothing to do with the fundamentals of sluthood.

The whole idea that guys will fuck a slut but want to marry are virgin is so fucking flawed.  The way I see it, if a girl is sexually repressed all her life, inexperienced in bed and obviously has a minuscule sex drive…why in God’s name would you want to marry her??  If this is actually the criteria that people are using then no wonder the divorce rate is so high.  Why? So called ‘good girls’ should only get married to ‘good boys’ and they can live in lame-assed bliss together. But someone that’s more interesting and fun will want to do fun things with her like tie her up and have her best friend eat out her ass…and then she will have a Goddamn meltdown and go running to her Minister for advice –and that just won’t work out well. No…stick with sluts. For relationships. For marriage. And for flings. It’s win-win-win.

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