Using a slave as a Urinal

peeing-on-girl-in-bathtubOne technique that I enjoy for training sluts is using them as a urinal. First of all, it’s always way more fun to pee into someone’s mouth than a toilet. Let’s just say it’s a lot more interactive. But why is it so effective?

1) You have to pee several times a day and so it established a regular, ritualized relationship where she drinks from you because she is a slave. There is nothing like regular re-enforcement to keep her mind focused on being a sex slave.

2) It’s a great excuse to be blown several times a day. Of course, it does take some discipline on the Master’s part: it’s easy to wait till ya really gotta pee and then waiting for her to get you hard with her mouth before you pee can be a challenge.

3) It’s all about the energy exchange. Drinking your piss means she is consuming not only your urine but your essence and energy. It helps her become one with you. Literally.  In fact, this is something that has been practiced amongst the Tantric traditions for many hundreds of years.  You are 80% water…and drinking all his liquid makes you filled with his energy and much more amiable to doing his bidding…because you become so synced up with him.


Peeing in her mouth (while hard) is so much better than
peeing in the water.

4) She should learn to drink from you as a matter of devotion — and come to desire your piss as the
only real place that you should consider pissing.

I love pissing in Ashlie’s mouth every time I need to go. Seeing that she is always 100% willing and eager to drink my piss makes me swell with pride.  She’s been drinking every drop of my piss whenever I am around for years now and I have to say, nothing brings us closer. Of course, sometimes I give her golden showers or piss in her ass…but the majority of the time this happens in places where I don’t wish to spill — and so she drinks the piss directly from my cock.

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