The word, “Cunt” (origins and reclaiming it)

pussy-clampsThere a few words that evoke the wrath of feminists as much as cunt. It’s considered by many to be the most offensive word in English. So it’s definitely a bad word, right?  Or is it?  It commonly means the female genitals (of a human) so that’s not exactly the worst thing. In fact, I can think of 100 000 things I like a lot less. It could also be considered a derogatory word for a woman.

Now first and foremost, we need the word cunt! There isn’t another word that covers her entire business! Vulva is the clit, outer and inner lips but not the vagina and vagina is the love canal itself missing the lips and the clit. Who the fuck named these things? Dumbass men, that’s who.  Well I think all are entirely essential. A vagina without a clit is like a river without any water.  I’d also be rather upset if my girl just had a vulva but was missing her vagina (though not as upset as her, no doubt.)  So cunt is an absolute necessity, if only for utilitarian purposes.

Noun, verb, adjective, adverb and expletive 
You know you’ve made it as nasty word if you can be used ascuntlips-face a noun, verb, adverb, adjective and
expletive (She was really fucking interested in him after he gave her a fucking fine fuck, but after he fucked her he left with her car which really fucked her and now she doesn’t give a fuck about him.)  <–just penned that and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Well, you can also have a cunt of a day made worst by having a cunt of an assignment to finish.

But what are the roots and origins of the word cunt?

It is thought that the word cunt originally entered the English language via the Anglo-Saxons
invading England in the 12th century. You see, the Norse people used words like ‘kunta’ (Old Norse) or ‘kunto’ (Germanic) to describe, shockingly, the entire female genitals.

You can find it several times in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (c.1390) and it was not considered in coffee-mug-cuntany way obscene.  That somewhat known bard Shakespeare also make reference to it cunt in Hamlet when Hamlet says to Ophelia,”Lady, shall I lie in your lap?” and she replies, “No, my lord. ”  Hamlet pretends he’s shocked and says, “Do you think I meant country matters? That’s a a fair thought, to like between maids’ legs.”   He refers to cunts again in Twelfth Night when Malvolia does some handwriting analysis, “There be her very Cs, her Us, and her Ts: and thus makes she her great Ps.”

So the word was in common usage up to the 18th century and then sort of died out an disappeared until the mid 20th century where it became a nasty word for a nasty thing.

Well, the Norse/Germanic roots probably don’t go far back enough. After all, ‘kunta’ means woman in several African languages. Kunta in Sumeria (ancient Iraq) meant, ‘one with female genitals’ (I imagine there is a lot of overlap with girls and women here.) Kuna — sometimes spelled Quna is considered by linguists as the root of the word Queen.

I believe the strongest roots are to Kunti: in Hindu mythology, hindu-mythology-cuntshe was a woman of unparalleled beauty who had sons from the gods Indra,  Vayu and Dharma. She’s in the Bhagavata Purana and explains the philosophy of Bhakti yoga to Krishna. And she’s become associated female sexual energy and kundalini. Some refer to Kunti the Hindu goddess of female sexuality and procreative power.

So if you’re calling a girl a cunt– considering the above origins…it’s hardly an insult.

hindu-godsIf you don’t buy the Indian origins…how about Kunnon (or alternatively spelled Cunda), the Buddhist Goddess of Compassion and Mercy. Kunnon is the goddess that carries the divine mother aspect in Buddhism and is the protector of women and children.  And, of course, she’s also a fertility goddess.

So again, cunt doesn’t sound like derogatory to me.

Reclaiming Cunt
Cunt needs to be reclaimed and taken back from the current use: an obviously prudish insult that stigmatizes the origin of every one of us with misogynistic fervor. Let’s give her a nice cleansing douche, if you will. Trim and groom her so she’s all pretty again. Cunt refers to everything associated with female beauty and power. Speak the word cunt with reverence and invoke her full potential.  Cunt is a word of power.

warm deep cunt

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