True story of a girl’s first kiss pt 2

Note: I’m not making this up. This actually happened — I’m just trying to retell the story as Envy told it to us and do it justice.

cute-girl-in-dressSee the start: True story of a girl’s first kiss pt 1 here Envy was so excited to go hang out with the new girls. She was girl crazy and definitely had girls on the brain. Angel went over to Envy’s house to collect her –help her change her hairstyle to twin ponytails– and then got a ride over to Jen’s house.

Angel wore a light summer dress and flip flops that seemed so feminine that Envy just wanted to jump her best friend and kiss her right there as they walked up to Jen’s house.

When Jen opened the door, Envy was so happy to see a thin and cute little blond girl. Jen was thin like Angel — perhaps not as rail thin as her but still looked yummy. Her boobs were small but looked damn hot in the red crop top she wore with a cute little matching A-line skirt.

To Envy’s surprise, Jen leaned in and kissed both of Angels cheeks before inviting them inside. Angel mouthed, ‘She’s Italian’ to Envy to explain the red-outfit-blondecheek kisses.

Inside the house had marble floors and a giant crystal chandelier in the front entrance. They were led down a small set of black marble stepstone beforere then entered the kitchen. The kitchen was decorated all in black and white with black stone counter-tops and white ornate wooden cupboards.

Sitting on a high bar stool at a counter was Jane, a gorgeous redheaded nymph that immediately locked eyes with Envy and gave her a mischievous smile. Jane too was a wisp of a thing and Envy realized that her paltry b-cup she was clearly the largest breasted of the group.

green-shirt-hottieParty progressed with a mandatory ordering of pizza and they watched. “The Breakfast Club” — some old teen movie that had the girls howling. Their favorite line was, “If I lose my temper, you’re totaled , man.” Followed by, “Totally?” –“Totally.”  Now the girls were totally using totally at every opportunity.

Eventually, they moved to the living room and Angel proposed they play truth or dare.  Envy could feel herself get wet instantly — but she wasn’t expecting things to move that quickly. The very first dare was hers…given to her by the redheaded nymphet, “I dare you to take off all your clothes.” Jane stripped down to her bra and panties but the nymphet stood there with arms crossed and shaking her head.

“All of your clothes.”

Envy complied and soon she was completely exposed before the other girls. She didn’t even have a few wisps of pubic hair to conceal her modesty — she was completely nude.  And she loved it!

There’s nothing like having a naked girl in the room to embolden the other darers and it seemed the naked-pool-girl‘truth’ was always ignored as this was a game of dares.  “I dare you to lick Envy’s nipples,” happened before the game even got back to Envy’s second turn.

The redheaded Jane was clearly the wildest of the group — every single dare of hers seemed to involve the word, “licking.”

The girls eagerly complied to each others base requests and in flash, Jane was wearing a black lace push-up bra and matching lace panties. Then blond Jen was stripped down to a planer tan colored under-wire bra with matching thong that had a front so narrow that Envy could see the hairless lips and pubic region clearly on either side of the thong front.  Finally, Envy’s crush and bestie stripped down to a red bra and pantie set that made Envy think, “Wow. Now that is lingerie.”

From the way things were progressing — “Will this be where I will finally has her first kiss?” Envy wondered.

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