True Story of a girl’s first kissth Pt.1

kilt-hottieThis is a true story from a girl both Ashlie and I know…though the story was told to Ashlie first and she told me after because she was so wet from hearing about it. The ages will be left out because there is too much ageism in society already. But sometimes girls just wanna have fun.

There’s a girl, named Envy. She is a fairly tall girl at 5’11 and weighing in at 130lbs with some rather perky b-cup tits. Envy had a pretty face, long brown hair a good amount of curves despite having super long legs. And Envy, has never kissed a girl. She’s known for a long time that she really liked girls — not the dykes with short hair but the girly girls in her class. But she’d never had the opportunity to kiss a girl. Or a boy for that matter. She figured she wasn’t a complete lesbian but slightly bi…for the right guy…but so far no guy or girl had kissed her.

She did come close with her best friend, Angel however. Angel was the same age as Envy — them being in the same class and all, though she looked much young as her face still looked like a girl just starting puberty –a fact she abhorred as she wanted nothing more than to look older. Angel’s rail thin body, tiny a-cup titties and lack of curves,



in general, didn’t help her look any older either. So she made up for it by being the wildest girl in school.

One time at a sleepover party, Envy came super close to kissing Angel. They were all playing Truth or Dare and Angel got dared to kiss Envy on the mouth.  Envy’s heart skipped more than a few beats as she’d always dreamed about kissing her best friend. But when it came down to it, with all the other girls watching and Angel moving in to kiss her…she panicked and pulled back.

That was 6 months ago and Angel hadn’t tried to kiss her since. Then again, she hadn’t played a lot of Truth or Dare lately either. But that could very well change tonight. She and Angel were going to a sleepover tonight with two girls that Angel knew. Envy could barely concentrate in class just thinking about the possibility of playing Truth or Dare again with Angel.  She vowed to herself not to chicken out of any dare that came her way, no matter what.

The minutes crept and with every tick of the clock, she got hornier and hornier. The possibilities with the two new girls also popped in and out of her head. What would they be like? Would they have big boobs — she hoped as she squeezed her thighs together and pretended to listen to her math teacher. Not many girls in her school seemed to be that chesty but who knows, maybe she could lucky as they came from North Bishops — the other school in town that Angel knew some of the girls from before she moved across their little city.

It was too much for her and she asked Mr. Cooper if she could beunderwear-stuffed-pussy excused to go to the bathroom.

Walking down the hallway, she felt a tiny trickle of dampness slide down her thigh as she hurried to the bathroom to relieve herself. She had the perverted thought of stuffing her panties right up inside her pussy just to sop up the flood.

Closing the door on the bathroom stall she dropped her moist white cotton panties and lifted her short skirt up. Envy pretty much always wore skirts as she thought her legs were her best feature…and skirts were feminine.

Reaching down, she cupped her completely bare pussy with her hand and slipped an index finger lightly inside her.  Yes, she was super wet and horny. She loved feeling the bare skin of her pussy. She had always kept it 100% hairless and had vowed to get permanent hair removal there just as soon as she could afford it — saving years of paying for razors and Brazilian bikini wax jobs.

She needed to pee but that somehow made her more excited and she decided that should be needed to cum first, before she peed.  She touching-self-on-chairplayed with her little clitty and thought of Angel’s shiny shoulder-length jet black hair, her pale skin…and then she looked leaning in kiss her.  Her heart was all aflutter touching herself there on the toilet as she said to herself, “I love her. I love Angel and I really need to kiss her.”  That was all it took and she came hard, biting her lip to keep quiet in the bathroom stall. She gripped the toilet holder and came again, squirting a small amount as was her habit (and another reason she preferred masturbating on toilets) and let a small moan escape her lips.

Her virgin lips…that had never been kissed.

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