How Many Girls Are Shaving Off Their Pubic Hair?

hairless-cuntIt’s no secret that women are now removing all of their pubic hair but just how far has this trend progressed? Who is doing it and what percentage? Are they removing it all, most or just trimming? Well, the short answer is:  women under 30 are almost all women who are sexually active are at least heavily trimmed and the majority are completely hairless — and a great portion of those under 60 too.  It’s clearly the common now. In fact, doctors all over the world have reported a massive rise in this phenomena but who has actually studied and researched this? (Hint: me.) This article will explain pubic hair removal rates in detail and I’ll also try to explain the rationale and break down the demographics as well.

Now, as full disclosure, the first girl I slept with (and I was madly in love with as a teenager and bare-pussy-legs-widefucked her for a year and a half) was completely hairless and she insisted it was the most feminine — and goddamn, she was so hot, sexy and feminine it was hard to argue with that. The next girl was completely hairless too — and so on.  So I am strongly of the opinion that bare pussy is by far the prettiest,  sexiest and most feminine.  And now, when I see a girl with pubes I think of it just like a girl with hairy armpits or hairy legs: she’s not trying very hard and clearly not expecting to get laid.


And now it seems, I am in no way alone.  Girls across North America are now pretty much all removing some or all of their pubes.  I am basing most of this on a study published at the end of 2010 called Pubic Hair Removal among Women in the United States: Prevalence, Methods, and Characteristics by Debra Herbenick, PhD, MPH, Vanessa Schick, PhD, Michael Reece, PhD, MPH,* Stephanie Sanders, PhD,†and J. Dennis Fortenberry, MD. It was a detailed study of women of 2451 aged 18-68 and I believe it to be highly representative of the general population of North America.

First off, and this is no shocker, women with no


Impossible to do with a hairy pussy.

pubic hair at all are 15 TIMES more likely to have received cunnilingus 5+ times in the past month than those who partially trimmed or did nothing at all and 4 times more likely than those who  ‘trimmed most of it’.  So clearly, being completely bare is good for getting oral sex.


The opposite of scary.

I’ve seen it stated several times that men are apparently scared of hairy pussies — and I kinda have to agree. I’d prefer to see exactly what I’m working with.  A big furry patch of the unknown could be leaking and oozing god-knows what where a bare healthy pussy says, ‘Dive right in! The water is fine.” So from an evolutionary biology point of view, this kinda makes sense as you can assess the health of your partner much more easily if she’s bare — and seeing a healthy partner is a turn on.  (Of course,  you could also argue that seeing hair lets you know that your partner has reached sexual maturity and so we should be turned on by that and not a hairless youth.  To that, I respond that the average 12-year-old girl and many a 9-year-old girl has the ability to grow hair… and considering that, there are probably better methods of ascertaining the suitability of a partner. )

Perhaps this has to do with their partners appreciating the pretty look of a bare pussy? Or the

fact that it’s completely lickable everywhere (with6-naked-women no nasty hairs in your mouth. )  Well,  according to Lowenstein L, Gamble T, Sanses TV, van Raalte H, Car- berry C, Jakus S, Kambiss S, McAchran S, Pham T, Asch- kenazi S, Hoskey K, Kenton K, at the Fellow’s Pelvic Research Network,  “women’s partners are more attracted and/or attentive to vulvar/clitoral stimulation, and markedly more interested in performing cunnilingus, when there is no hair.”  Now I’ve read on a number of websites that the ‘preference of men’ is actually to have a  little hair — but when I tried to find the scientific data to back it up, all I could find was studies like this stating that both men and women prefer to look at (and lick) completely hairless pussies. (I even emailed the author of one such article asking for the data to back it up and she sent back a reply which made me think she personally resented shaving and thought this was part of the patriarchy repressing her by telling her what her genitals should look like.   Well, the lots of lesbians prefer 100% hairless too and lesbians certainly get Brazilian bikini waxes so… meh.

Actually, sexual orientation is a major indicator of if a woman will be a total hair remover.  Not surprisingly, lesbians we the least likely to remove all their pubic hair — but not by much. Women who identified as straight were next but bisexual women were twice as likely as straight girls to be ‘typically hair free.’ So Bisexual women are WAY more likely to be hairless.


Now, this makes sense.  I have typically had a lebian-lickfeststrong tendency to both attract and to date bi girls.  And almost every one of them was hairfree from the start. So my impression of pubic hair being uncommon is partially screwed by the fact that I don’t date lesbians (tho I have dated girls who have gotten married to girls and identify as lesbian…but they clearly liked cock too. )


Now let’s talk some numbers. In the 18-24-year-old age group, 38% engaged in ‘some total removal in the past month’ and another 20.6% described themselves as ‘typically hair free.’  So that’s nearly 60% (58.6%) that have had no pubic hair in the past month.  Another 29.1% engaged in ‘significant partial removal’ –which I have to assume means something similar to a landing strip.  So now we are up to 87.7% of younger North American females having little or no pubic hair.  Considering what the numbers concluded about girls not getting any action being lazy/depressed and not shaving — it seems that pretty much all the sexually active girls are shaving and the majority of those opting total hairlessness.

Damn I’ve run out of time — even though I have a ton more to say on this topic (and prepared research,  graphs etc…but that will have to wait till a future post. So…[To Be Continued]



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