If a girl is gonna fap, she’s gonna fap a LOT!

pussy-vibrator-wandHow often does a girl touch herself? You’d think that girls masturbating once a day would greatly outnumber those cumming several times a day or more, right?


And not just a little wrong. Flat out, hands down, you be totally wrong on that one.

Girls who masturbate “several times a day or more”  outnumber girls fapping ‘daily’ by 7 to 1.  This is science too.  

So amongst women, if you’re gonna touch yourself: you don’t do it just once.  Compare this with guysgirl-using-dildo
— and way WAY more guys cum just one time a day. Maybe twice — but a fraction of a percent cum 3 times or more a day.  Keep in mind…this is on an “average day.” So in this respect, girls can and do outperform men.

But I think it’s so interesting that girls tend to go for ‘cumming many times’ vs. just once and being done with it. Guys? Well, they tend to stop and have a quick fnap. But girls will just get their motors running and lubed up…so why in hell stop at one? Well, they don’t.

girl-mastubating-in-bathI just have to say it again: Women are 7 times more likely to cum ‘several times a day or more’  than they are to cum just once a day. This is based on a 2010 study by Quinta-Gomes which took the responses from over 3500 women. The masturbation habits of men were studied and the results were — well, if she’s getting some action…she’s much more likely to touch herself. But also, nowhere near every girl masturbates with any frequency. Lots (about 1/3) barely do it, if ever. This same group also is significantly less likely to cum during sex or to even enjoy sex. Basically, this is the group I try to ignore in all daily activities. I just have no use for them*.

(*as lovers)

But of the ones that do touch themselves — the frequency was around the same touching themselves ‘several times a month’ as those doing it several times a day. But there was a massive dropoff in masturbation rates for just once a day…girls just don’t tend to touch themselves once a day. It’s either several times a month or several times a week (less so) or several times a day. But girls don’t like to touch themselves daily — and stop.  When they are getting off…they get off a bunch of times.

Of course, this FULLY matches my experience. The vast majority of girls I’ve known and cared

for deeply in relationships…all were very


Sometimes intense fap sessions overflow your tub…
 so be careful

frequent masturbaters. I just thought I had extraordinarily good luck and chocked it up to them being, ‘awesome.’ Fuck yeah, they are awesome. But perhaps not quite as rare as I’d thought. Still, a girl who touches herself many times a day — is the way to go. She’ll be way more fun in bed, guaranteed.

I will post way more about this — and many others studies I’ve read recently — down the read. I may actually link PDFs of the studies because…well, I have a bunch of recent scientific studies on sexuality and I’m OK with sharing. 😉 I have written much more on this for this blog but haven’t gotten around to publishing them yet.

For now, I’m just offering a teaser with the tidbit that if a girl is gonna fap, she’s gonna fap a lot.


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