Obedience and Punishment

Obedience & Punishment

Control of the behavior of a slave is the ultimate goal of a Master. A Master who controls the physical body of a slave without controlling the mind is no more than a kidnapper or abuser. The slave that willingly submits and strives to be obedient — that is the mental state that every Master should enforce.  A slave that is obedient serves with her heart — she is eager to serve her Master and works to gain his approval. Of course, a slave may fuck up and may require her Master to punish her in order to enforce good behavior. But a good slave may be just as upset with knowing that she has failed in her servitude and a few sharp chastising words may cut her as deeply as a cane.

The entire slave, mind, and body, must conform to the will of her corset-slave Master and his desires. A
slave should be guided so that her default mental state is that of obedience and compliance to her Master’s will. Then, any restraints or punishments inflicted by Master become a welcome embodiment of her devotion.
A Master must strive to teach her the values of an effective slave and, especially in the beginning, train her mind. Just as hypnosis is a state that can only be entered willingly by choice, obedience is a conscious choice of the slave. So you better give her some damn good reasons to obey you and reinforce them often. Only after she has fully submitted to you, giving herself over to you in mind (first) and body (not as important) should you discuss what it is to be owned by you. Because ownership should not just be something she agrees to — it should be something she desperately wants with all her heart.

Discipline is something that a Master must employ to let his slave know what is expected

of her and what behaviors are unacceptable. Discipline gives the slave time to ponder the extremesspanking-slave-ass of physical discomfort and feel triumph that she has made it through it to prove herself worthy to you. Discipline may be physical but it should always be mental.

Punishment, however, is a way to correct behaviors that you wish to be minimized. It is a penalty and every Master is obliged to punish his slave when misdemeanors are witnessed in order to train his slave that those weak behaviors are no longer acceptable.I look at the key difference between punishment and discipline as punishment is reactive and in response to a witnessed behavior where discipline is proactive and done to train your slave’s mind regardless of her behavior.  I was going to say that, being a sadist, that discipline is done because you enjoy hurting her but punishment really shouldn’t be — but, well, sometimes it’s fun to punish a slave so they are both good.

Obedience is the way a good slave, as well as her Master, should judge a slave’s performance. Then, I like to amp it up to test her limits to see just how far she can be pushed to obey me. I personally like using ‘body experiences’ for this…such as not allowing her to eat, or overfilling her bladder without letting her pee, or making her puke to show her devotion to me. In the right frame of mind, she sees these all as opportunities to prove to me that she is a good slave, willing to obey my every command. She has learned to pride herself on her obedience and setting my will before any physical discomfort. It is through this process of proving her obedience that she gives herself ever more to me.

Obedience is the goal. You can only train her to be a willing sex slave if she is obedient. You can do most anything you want with her only after you have convinced her to obey you.

My Dom style is not heavy-handed. I don’t try to scare or intimidate her into obedience. I’m far more subtle than that. I want to own her heart and have her eager to obey me because that is who she is.  Some say it is better to be feared than loved. I say, “It is best to be loved and have her fear your kinky, perverted mind.”slave-billboard

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