Ode to a fallen slave

My sexkitten Ashlie is still feeling rather low and lost due to Special K recently and suddenly passing on due to a car accident.

It’s kinda cute, at times though because Ashlie is a little and, well, littles have their own way of dealing with things. (If you are unfamiliar with the concept of littles then you really should read this post here on ageplay. )   Ash may get all cuddly and snuggle with stuffed animals for awhile and I just want to love her and squish her.

When we were talking about her, she said some heartbreaking things though. Ashlie said, “She was the perfect girl for me. For us. [Special K] was so inherently awesome — she fully accepted us, both of us [referring to myself and her] and loved us fully with all her heart. You know how rare that is?

It’s hard to type this as I’m feeling emotional — and doubly so because I feel so much for Ashlie too and (ironically) hate to see her in pain.  :'(

“I had hoped to marry her someday — we’d talked about that and we both really wanted to get married to each so we could be married slave sisters for you…”

“It too hard to think of finding some Korean lil’ girl that could match [Special K’s] horny potential. I
mean, she was permanently horny and always making me do stuff to her many times a day — I know I’m much hornier than most but she breathed horny.  She was so ideal. And pretty too…”

“I feel like I’ve let you down somehow Master: that I let my perfect girlfriend pass away.”
–I don’t even know how to make that last part right…my sexkitten is my light: my sexual supernova….and she’s never once betrayed me nor let me down. Hell, she’s never once said no to anal sex. Not once! Ever. In years. Let down…how can she blame herself for this? :'(

“I know it’s not rational, but I feel it all the same.”  — and yeah, I feel it too. Like I should have been with her — that maybe I could have helped avoid the accident. If I’d been more attentive to her that day then maybe…

But Special K was probably the horniest girl I ever met — which is incredibly hard for me not to love. That’s my kryptonite: when you can beat and fuck and supervise a girl cumming for hours and when I’m bushed she continues on with Ashlie. Special K is also one of the few girls I’ve met that has suggested multiple things that made my jaw drop with, “O. M. G. You are SUCH a pervert. Totally depraved.” (As in, I had not ever once considered doing such a thing. How could such a cute, fit little bird be so wickedly sinful that she surpasses my twisted desires even though she’s much younger than me?)  The girl would practically have a fit if my cock left any ass in her presence and she wasn’t allowed to suck it — and no, that’s the ‘normal stuff’…I probably can’t write about any her most shocking desires here without putting my blog at risk.

I don’t want to put her up to far on a  pedestal—  as she was not perfect but a girl doesn’t have to be perfect to be a really really good match (doubly so as there was 2-3 of us and she drank all our piss in the most intimate of ways.)  When she came to us, she was so utterly lost and alone. She had nowhere to go and definitely didn’t have anything that felt like a home. And when she got that, she was the happiest little girl ever. I mean, she was so pleased to have a pricey but sexy bikini bought for her because they were too expensive for her to even imagine buying before. Though to be honest, she was always most comfortable wearing just  a collar and naught else.

There’s a hole in me.  In us. In Ash.  The best games we know all have 3 players.

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