SexBots on the Internet

robots-in-bed-for-sexChat has become automated in order to trick you into giving out your personal information in the hopes of getting laid.

The first chatterbox program was ELIZA made in 1966 and would give basic responses without much knowledge such as, “Why does your head hurt?” said in response to, “My head hurts.”

But now they are being used to pretend they are real people to exploit you. And that fucking annoys me.  They even have the nerve to ask for your credit card info.

But they all fail the Turing Test horribly. The Turing Test was invented by Alan Turning (see my post on him being pardoned here) and it basically is a test to see if a machine can engage in intelligent behavior indistinguishable from a human.

See my chatbox conversations below for some examples of just how bad they are:

But how long will it be before the AI on these gets so good we can’t tell a sexbot apart from a real girl?

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