The Fucked Silly Wave

hands-during-sexYou have probably seen it. The slave is engulfed by a wave of pleasure — so much so that she can’t think rationally.  I’m bounding her ass with my cock and she is wailing ‘OMG’ loudly when suddenly it becomes too much for her to process.

She reaches back with a retardedly ineffective ‘fucked silly wave’ as if this will dissuade me.  Her hand weakly touches my stomach (if her wave makes it to that effect) or perhaps makes it to my hand but mostly the fucked silly wave meekly paws the air behind her as if to say, ‘Whoa, no more please.”

I’ve never actually witnessed a fucked silly wave be accompanied by words but I’m sure it’s theoretically possible. However, I have seen attempts at making words that fumble into gurgling noise — but mostly there are just whimpers.

You see, the raw intensity of anal fucking has an sex-reaching-backimmense ability to overwhelm the senses and shut down
the verbal centers of the brain with an erotic haze of invasive consumption.

But a fucked silly wave almost always has the opposite effect on me. Instead of easing up or stopping…it lights my fires: I will make you cum harder– my eyes widen as I grab her hips to drive my point home sinking my unrelenting cock deep in her ass as I attempt to knock her out with her own orgasm.



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