True story of a girl’s first kiss pt 3

Note: I’m not making this up. This actually happened — I’m just trying to retell the story as Envy told it to us and do it justice.

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picnic-lesbiansEnvy had never been kissed. Not by a boy. Not by a girl.  And now she was naked. Her girl-crush and best friend Angel was wearing red lingerie that practically stopped her heart. And Jane was there too, wearing a black lace bra and panty set. But it was Angel’s friend Jen was wearing a tan bra and thong that had emerged as the leader and was really driving this game of Truth or Dare.

Jen, an innocent looking wisp of a blond girl seemed far more kinky and bossy now that she had willing girls to follow her commands. Every time a girl made a dare — and they were all ‘dares’ — Jen would tisk disapproval and chastise quickly if the dare didn’t meet her standards.

“I dare you to stick your tongue up Envy’s nose,” Jen said to picnic-lesbians2Jane.

My nose??!? But….

ummmmm, ok?” Jane said. Jane was fucking georgous. With long red hair a stomach so flat that she could be a swimsuit model, Jane came closer and started to lean in. Envy was dying with excitement inside. When Jane paused near her face — Envy thought she was going to kiss her and a tickle of moistness escaped her pussy.

But instead she grabbed Envy by the neck and roughly forced her tongue up her nose and wiggled it around. When she pulled back, she felt partly violated, partly grossed out, and oddly, 100% turned on. She had the siliva of a totally hot girl on her face and it cooled her nose as she breathed.

Envy was still a tizzy when her bestie said, “I dare you to lick Envy’s inner thighs,”to Jen.

Without hesitation Jen was pushing Envy on her back and exploring every inch of her thighs with her tongue. Envy thought she was wet before but now a river drizzled out of her pussy her body betrayed her innermost desires. Then she locked eyes with Angel. Angel just smiled with a knowing look then seductively licked her lips and glanced down at Jen.

Envy felt excited enough to cum even though she wasn’t lesbian-picnic3touching her clit in the way she did every morning before school or talking to girls online using the anonymity of the internet.  But now she had 3 hot girls and every one of them seemed to be basing their dares around her.

When Jen had finished. she sat up suddenly with a sly smile, “I know what I’m going to dare Jane to do!” she exclaimed as she ran off shouting over her shoulder, “I’ll be right back!”

Jen was literally running and was right back, this time holding a blue…dildo?? And something else as well. Envy had seen them in porn, of course, but they lived in a pretty small town and there was no sex shop here.

“Here,” Jen said, thrusting a blue vibrator into Jane’s hand. “Stick this vibe up Jane’s pussy and turn it on while you move it in and out.”

“Ummm, do I need to wet it?” Jane asked.

“Honey, look at her. She has already made a puddle on the floor,” said Angel.

So much for nobody noticing just how excited I am.lesbian-picnic-oral-sex

And with that, Jane leaned in and slowly penetrated Envy’s pussy with the vibrator. Envy looked down at her own shaved pussy, taking a vibrator for the very first time. She’s used the thick Crayola markers and a big thick sharpie before…but this was bigger. Not huge, thank god, but definitely bigger than any marker she’d ever used.

The blue vibrator was not thick but certainly made her feel full.  It was hard and slide in her nice and smooth.  Envy never imagined she’d be losing her virginity this way to — OOOOOHHHH!  The strong vibrations rocked her body and electrified every nerve in her pussy.  When Jane started to move it in and out Envy knew she couldn’t hold back an orgasm.

picnic-lesbians“Please, please stop!” Envy quickly begged in the hopes it wasn’t too late.

“Make the bitch cum for us.” was Jen’s reply.

And WHAM! Envy came in front of all three girls. She’d barely lost her virginity for a minute and she’d had her first sex orgasm.

But the girls weren’t even close to done with her yet.

Luckily it was Envy’s turn for a dare.

“Jane, I dare you to make out with Jen and french kiss so we can see your tongue in her mouth.”

And so the girls lips locked. Tiny blond and thin redhead sucking face as their moist tongues danced like charmed serpents.  Envy couldn’t believe how hot she found it to see too other girls kissing right in front of her. She subconsciously glanced over to her best friend and Angel was grinning at her with a look that said, “I’d do that with you, y’know.”

When it came to Angel’s turn, Envy so hoped she dare her to French kiss her just like Jen and Jane had just done. But no such luck. “Envy, I dare you to put 3 fingers deep inside Jen’s pussy.”


Envy had never touched another girl’s pussy before. She’d seen them, like the time she helped talk Cynthia through putting a tampon in the first time, but she’d only ever dreamed of touching another wet cunt.  Envy had always wanted to touch Angel’s pussy and had cum to that many a morning before school…but she’d never dreamed it’s be a girl she’d just met. But this girl, Jen, was sex crazed nympho if she’d ever met one. And Envy had always had  a thing for blonds.


Envy cautiously approached and Jen eagerly pulled her tan thong to one side to expose her wonderful pale skin, so white and hairless. Jen’s pussy looked freshly waxed without a single hair visible — hell, she’s smoother than my own pussy. She slid her fingers in and found Jen’s pussy to be warmer and much wetter than she’d imagined. OMG! I’m fingering a girl!  But as soon as she felt inside of Jen, Envy knew she was hooked. A full on vagina-addict.  She didn’t care if she ever took a cock –it wouldn’t matter as long as she could have pussy.  And Jen’s pussy was perfection itself.

Envy’s head began to swim as she was surrounded by maiden energy and engulfed in femininity. As the evening progressed there were girls touching, licking, caressing, fondling, groping and penetrating.  And for the love of god, there were boobs and pussy everywhere. But still, Envy had never been kissed.

The next thing Envy was conscious of was Jen saying to her crush, “I dare you to lick her ass while I use the Hitachi on her.”

Angel just grabbed her by her hips and flipped her over. Then she maneuvered her onto all fours and made her spread her legs a little bit.
“Go on, lick her ass,” Jen said.

And Envy had at long last the feel of her best friend’s tongue. She never dreamed that the first place she would feel it was her puckered asshole though. But as she felt her tongue massaging her most intimate spot, she gave herself over entirely to Angel.  Envy felt her heart and her ass as she never had before. I think I love her. And I think I love anal. I hope she licks my asshole for a week.

“Come on, don’t be shy, it’s just a girl’s asshole. They are made for tongues. So stick your tongue as deep up her ass as you can,” Jen commanded.

Envy could hardly believe it  — but she was enjoying this more than any physical feeling she’d ever experienced before. Her excitement grew when suddenly she felt a textured ball of sorts press up against her sopping clit and then BAM! Jen turned the Hitachi on. The sensation of her beloved Angel with her tongue deep, deep up her ass combined with the mega-strong vibrations of the Hitiachi yanked an orgasm deep out of Envy’s soul. She came so hard her vision was filled with sparkles of light. The most intense orgasm of her life threw her helpless body around like a ragdoll shaken by a panther. Envy squirted for the first time just then.

Envy came and gushed as a physical expression of her orgasm bursting forth. Her female ejaculation sprayed all over Angel, Jen, herself and Jane — not a girl in the room went unsoaked her shejaculation.

Yes, she’s lost her virginity to 3 girls it seemed…but still, Envy had never been kissed.

[To be continued]

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