True story of a girl’s first kiss pt 4

Note: I’m not making this up. This actually happened — I’m just
trying to retell the story as Envy told it to us and do it justice.

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Continued from True Story of a Girl’s First Kiss (Pt. 3)

girl-laying-in-bedA few days had passed from the night of the sleepover and Envy had never known she could be THIS HORNY.  She’d been masturbating like a nun on vacation: every possible opportunity. She even set her alarm early this morning so she could cum extra before getting up.   At school Envy had been making frequent trips to the bathroom just to cum there for most of the period.  It seemed her first real experience with girls had transformed her into the horniest little slut on the planet.

But she’d still never been kissed.

Sure, she’d had a girl put a dildo deep up inside her — but never once had she kissed a girl. And perhaps this would change today.

She awoke all excited and wet — and wasn’t sure if she shouldn’t touch her bare pussy because it would be bad luck. But today was a very special day indeed. She had a date with Angel –her best friend that she’d been crushing on for, like, forever. She just hoped that when Angel said we should have an all-day date…that she meant a real date.

The date was all day too, except for the breakfast because both of them were hideous in the morning. Envy met Angel at 9:30 am and they drove off to the mall to reach it while it was barely open.  Envy lived in a tiny little town (if you could even call it that) filled with Christian zealots that were not exactly friendly to her bisexual desires. The mall, however, was in a small town over 30 miles away where she and Angel could be free to be themselves.

They started off clothes shopping but didn’t buy toogirls-shopping much.  Angel went to buy something when she went off to the bathroom and left her stranded for a little bit — and Envy thought, “Perhaps I have time for a quick touch in the bathroom?”  But then she didn’t want to risk it.  When Angel returned Envy said, “Ok, what did you find? Let’s see it.”

“Nope,” Angel grinned, “it’s a surprise for later.”  The way she grinned made Envy wet. She just wanted to grab her and kiss her perfect lips right then and there. Goddamnit, I hope she’s into me and not just thinking we’re friends or I’m gonna die.

So Envy pressed on, with no idea what she had in store for her.  I ‘m going on, no idea what she has in store for me. They went about and checked out the cool new stuff at Hot Topic and a funky t-shirt store. Angel tired on a cropped shirt that showed off her belly in American Apparel but in the end she was too shy to buy it. But the highlight was helping her select the right lacy push-up bra at La Senza.

After having a juice at Orange Julius they declared the shopping trip a success and headed back to the car. Moving around to the back of the car, they put their treasures in the trunk and as Angel shut the trunk, their hands touched briefly.

girls-kissingIt was the spark that lit the explosion. Angel just aggressively grabbed Envy and planted a huge wet kiss on her mouth. When Angel pulled back to look into her eyes, Envy was stunned speechless so Angel dove in again for another round.

This time, Envy yielded to her desires and what proceeded was a deep and dirty French-kissing makeout session right there beside the car in a mall parking lot. The kissed so passionately the Envy thought she was going to melt away –and this kiss, was her very first — and it was a makeout session with her bestie!! They kissed for a good 3 minutes before coming to their senses and realizing that they were still two young girls in small-town America and, well, making out in a parking lot is just not polite.

But Envy had had her first kiss!!


Now thankfully, this story is not done. There’s more to come.
[To be Continued]

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