10 Secrets of being an Awesome Submissive

10 Secrets of being an Awesome Submissive


Here are my Top 10 ways to be a better (and more awesome) submissive:

NOTE: a lot of these are self-awareness suggestions. The best submissive is one that is giving you her all — all her heart — and is happy and fulfilled. The rest is just physical actions (and will happen naturally.)
  1. Define what makes you happy. Seriously. Thinkslave-in-collar long and hard about it. Not in the context of a Master/Dom at all… but make a list of what actually makes you happy.  Knowing this will help you clearly define your goals.
  2. Accept responsibility for your own physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Sure, you can hope to find an amazing Dom who will ‘complete you’ but the truth is, if you are a whole person, physically fit and emotionally stable — your odds of attracting such a Master will be way higher.
  3. Be mindful of all your actions and how they make you feel. If you
    are doing things that make you feel awful…it’s up to you put an stop to those behaviors.  If you know what it is you want– it’s up to you to make sure those things happen.
  4. Define your kink wants and needs.  Lay out exactly what kind of relationship you are looking for and what you need to get off. (Of course, you can already be inleashed-slave a relationship — it’s never too late to define what you want and improve your situation.)  This will help you to not settle for the wrong guy and avoid situations where a guy seems ‘ok’ and kinda kinky so you mash it out with him for far too long before realizing that it’s just not a good fit for you.
  5. Write down what it is that inspires you to obey a dominant. This will help define the type of relationship you are looking for.
  6. Write down what it is that you are willing to offer and just how
    much you are willing to give. If you know how far you are willing to go, you won’t get in a situation where you won’t get there or go way way beyond it.

  7. Figure out your communication style. If you are unhappy to you storm about or quietly brood in a corner.  How do you expect your dominant to deal with you?tied-up-slave
  8. Masturbate a lot. Nothing keeps your sexual fires stoked like cumming often so always cum more than once a day. This is the best way to put thought into what you want.
  9. Keep fit. Try to get at least a half hour of exercise a day and ideally 1.5 hours. Why? To stay hot for your Dom? Well, he won’t complain but the real reason is it keeps your hormones in check so by releasing stress and boosting your sex drive. Basically, it will make you much more fun to be around 😉
  10. Tell your Dom about everything from 1-9 above. Give him a roadmap and let him know what works for you.  If have him help you with 8 and 9 for example.  But the key is being open and honest with yourself, your needs and you Dom.

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