69 Rules for My slaves


master-protecting-slave69 Rules for my slaves


These are general rules for slaves who make decisions they can handle moving up to the next level and their slave training. They will be responsible for both learning and obeying all of them.


  1. I submit to the will of my Master and accept my responsibility to serve and obey my Master with every action.
  2. I accept all training that is offered unconditionally as thought out for my benefit whether I can see it’s purpose at the moment or not.
  3. I accept responsibility as a household slave for maintaining the good of the household from food, to cleanliness to getting along with all others in the household.
  4. I accept physical punishment and training of any and all behaviours.
  5. I accept that I no longer have any form of privacy whatsoever and every physical process I engage is subject to observation, modification and alteration.
  6. I give over the complete and totality of my sexuality to your Master. My Master has absolute say over how and when any and all sex acts are performed in
    naked-slave my life from this moment forward. I accept Master’s sexual preferences over my own and will make every effort to adjust my own preferences and attractions to those laid out by my Master.
  7. I accept my responsibility to promptly reply to each and every communication sent by Master be it email, text, Skype, speech or otherwise.
  8. I will answer all questions and points asked in the above communications in full and check to be sure I addressed every point.
  9. All relationships, jobs, living quarters and actions are now under the absolute domain of my Master and he may alter any of them as he sees fit.
  10. Lying or withholding information from my Master is strictly forbidden. I will make every effort to be completely open and exposed to your Master in every way so that he may accurately perceive the totality of me and perform corrective action to make me the best person that I can be.
  11. If I do falter and lie to Master I will inform him of the lie as soon as possible, regardless of the consequences.
  12. My Master will be absolutely accepting and understanding of me and what I present to him — he may not encourage inappropriate or harmful behaviors but he will not judge me for having any of them.
  13. I will be thankful for any bondage and discipline that my Master offers me as a way to train me to

    be the ultimate best that I can be.

  14. I will be thankful for all the pleasures that Master offersslave-tied-to-bed me to experience.
  15. I will obey my Master without hesitation.
  16. If I have issues with limits or trust I will openly discuss them with my Master and trust his commitment to my emotional and physical safety.
  17. I will give a little bit more control over me to my Master every day.
  18. I will always be under Master’s control night and day, if he is present or not, in action, spirit and intent.
  19. I will make choices in my life according to how I believe Master would want me to make those choices.
  20. I will always be loyal to Master and never betray him in any speech nor deed.
  21. If anyone speaks badly of my Master I will inform him and defend him if I am able.
  22. I will never speak to the police and any law enforcement agency about any action that Master has done. I will defer to a lawyer and then refuse to answer any more questions and attempt to sleep if interrogated.
  23. I will attempt to serve and please Master with additional actions that go above and beyond that which he has directly requested of me.
  24. I will not feel self conscious in front of Master as I accept him as part of my being and nothing should be shielded from him.
  25. I will accept the minimum number of daily devotional orgasms that Master demands of me as my daily duty to perform solo without him having to direct me to do so.
  26. I will never, ever lie about achieving an orgasm. If I cannot cum, this will not be looked upon as a failure of mine but an opportunity to improve the pleasure and stimulus to ensure I am the most orgasmic at all times.
  27. The safeword, “Chemistry” shall be said by me whenever the scene ‘chemistry’ is completely wrong and I need to do so for my own physical or
    rope-dress-slutemotional safety. I will always have the right to use this safeword.
  28. 28. Master will always respect ‘Chemistry’ as a full stop of the scene and will stop whatever actions he is performing immediately and release the slave from bondage.
  29. 29. The safeword, “Physics” will be said whenever there is something physically a miss during the scene including but not limited to things such as tingling limbs, loss of circulation, perceived dangers to the health of the slave, unsafe practices, rope safety, emotional issues that do not require a full stop of the scene and yet need to be addressed, and any other situation that should require a temporary stop of the scene to address.
  30. Master will always respect ‘Physics’ as a temporary stop of the scene and will stop whatever actions he is performing immediately and address the safety issues.
  31. Both the slave and the Master are fully responsible for the health and safety of the slave.  The slave accepts that the Master cannot perceive every foreseeable danger and will notify Him of any possible dangers that could harm his property (aka the slave.)
  32. A safeword will not be used during punishment simply to ease the pain and discomfort of the slave but will be used only in the case of actual harm prevention. (eg. An intense spanking that does not threaten the long term safety of the slave should not be stopped because the slave is in a lot of pain.)
  33. I have the right to beg the Master for sex in the manner that he has shown me as appropriate.
  34. I will confess any time I have disobeyed Master be it intentional or not immediately. If I do not do so, I will be punished even more severely if this is discovered — and I will make every effort to ensure it is discovered and no further cover-ups as this will ultimately be for my benefit.
  35. If Master asks something of me, I will answer it honestly, even if it means revealing a lie or inappropriate action that I previously performed in the past.
  36. I will willing accept all punishments, bondage and discipline as ways to improve myself as a slave.
  37. I will make every effort to dress in a sexual manner at all times around Master and aim for every item of clothing to be ‘too revealing’ and ‘slutty’ — in accordance to Master’s taste.
  38. Outfits should always be appropriate slutwear and expose at least 2 of the following: cleavage,

    undercleavage, side of torso, stomach, pubic mound (shaved), upper thighs, lower back,fashion-slut shoulders, cameltoe, butt cleavage (crack visible from lower back), or butt cheeks (under side), corsets, garters, thigh high boots, heels, or latex clothing.

  39. I will trust that Master will ensure that I am dressed appropriately for any social engagement and err on the side of too slutty for any social appearance I will make with Master and trust that he will correct my outfit if he determines it is inappropriate.
  40. I will put Master’s needs before my own in every case.
  41. I will pride myself in being a slave and feel pride in the fact that I am doing such a good job as a slave. Being a slave is not easy and takes a dedicated woman to do so properly and I will honor myself for doing this well.
  42. Master has absolute control over all my bodily fluids and any thing I ingest.
  43. I give absolute control over my eating habits, diet and exercise to Master.
  44. It is my duty to always be taking right actions to move towards my ultimate ideal weight and fitness.
  45. I accept that I am no longer a human being but a piece of property whose main purpose is sexual gratification.
  46. My heart is owned by Master and I will make every effort to open my heart to him fully so that I may love him with all my heart and soul. Additionally, I will make every effort to love and appreciate anyone that Master commands me to love.
  47. Master has every right to give me to others as a sexual gift and I will serve them sexually as Master commands and obey them to the best of my ability.
  48. I will suggest ways to best manipulate me, areas that I need help with, and turn-ons to Master so

    that he fully understands me and how I need to be trained. I am expected to make thesesexkitten suggestions. A journal and/or fantasy log is a couple of possible ways I my inform Master of my needs.

  49. Master will read any journal and/or fantasy log to ensure his slave’s needs are being met.
  50. Any other slave that Master holds that is at this level shall be honored as a slave sister and I will love her with all my heart while making every effort to love, adore, please and get along with her.  I will never be catty and will take responsibility for any jealousy. I will accept my responsibility to be bisexually available to any such slave sister.
  51. Any slave sister has absolute right over my sexuality with respect to her and I will not deny serving her (and her alone) unless it directly contradicts Master’s orders. Slave sisters may not order each other to have sex with anyone aside from another slave sister.
  52. I have absolute right over the sexuality any and all slave sisters and may order any slave sister to perform any sexual act with any other slave sister as long as this does not inhibit any orders given by Master.
  53. I am bound by any and all limits, hard or soft, as I signed for in the slave contract + checklist and these may not be altered at a later date unless with the signed and written acceptance of Master (should he choose to grant such an approval.)   Adjustments that lower restrictions and increase levels of how the slave is turned on by an act will mostly be accepted without question should the slave discover a new kink.
  54. Master has absolute say over seeking medical or dental attention and I will see a doctor or dentist if Master orders me to do so.
  55. I will not have any relationships with others without permission beforehand from Master. This includes intimate communications, texts or in person meetings.
  56. If Master grants me permission to see others, Master shall always be informed as to changes in status in this relationship as well as Master shall always come first and be held in higher regard than the non-slave-sister relationship.
  57. I will not talk back to Master nor deliberately disobey. This includes being ‘bratty’ in an attempt to seek punishment.
  58. My anus, mouth, pussy and hands are always available to pleasure Master, in that order.
  59. I will always wear Master’s collar and never take it off except when Master replaces it with a different one.
  60. My pussy, anus, legs and underarms will always be kept 100% hair free. No amount of hair nor stubble in these areas is ever acceptable and subject to extreme punishment at Master’s discretion.
  61. I will ensure that any and all slave sisters are 100% hair free in the anal, pussy, underarm and

    leg areas and I will assist them in depilitationanal-hook at every opportunity or request.

  62. I will offer my ass to Master first for his pleasure and be sure to offer him a spread view of my bare anus at least once a day in an offer to enter me there.
  63. I will make every effort to maintain good posture at all times in front of Master.
  64. I will always use video or photo pornography each and every time I masturbate and I will masturbate to girls that do not have any pubic hair.
  65. If Master chooses to order me about in public, I will do so willingly, no matter what is asked of me and do everything in my power to overcome feelings of being shy or self-conscious.
  66. Master will make special exceptions for me in relation to behaviors around my family.
  67. Master may not only own other slaves but also I am expected to encourage him to play with other girls aside from myself to help me teach me to set my ego aside. It is my duty to help Master play with other girls and most especially with other slave sisters.
  68. I am responsible for each and every one of these rules and will review them frequently to ensure that i am obeying them all.

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