Changes in Female Masturbation and Sexuality

female-porn-useI recently did a post on how girls are 7 times more likely to masturbate ‘several times a day’ than she is to masturbate just once. Let’s explore this wonderful world of female masturbation — and I’ll tell you all about how female masturbation habits are changing — with the biggest difference being the massive increase in the usage of pornography.  (EDIT: Holy crap! I’ve got a ton of info on female porn use that I haven’t touched yet and this article is already massive so I’m changing the focus to just changes and increase in female masturbation habits and sexuality.   I’ll talk about the finding of Kinsey and Masters and Johnson from 1948-70s and compare those to studies from around the world in the 2000s. Especially, I’ll talk about the frequency of masturbation, body weight, and anal sex.)

I’ve looked at older data — and who hasn’t read the classic works on female sexuality by Alfred Kinsey? Well, things REALLY look different now. I’ve been looking for the most recent studies as the shifts in the past 10 years are most dramatic.

NOTE: The is a weird as bias in study of teenaged sexuality where it’s illegal in a lot of places in the States to even ask someone under the age of 18 about sexual activity or masturbation — because we live in a goddamn insane society that allows graphic violence and beheading to be SHOWN to youths before you mention masturbation (saw one study saying the University is the place were the vast majority of students encounter the topic of masturbation — which is a little on the late side, methinks!)


Let’s start with the obvious stuff. how many women have masturbated in the past month? Well, not surprisingly, this increases with age. Just 43.3% of females aged 14 and under have masturbated in the past month — where almost 60% (ok, ok 58%) of 17-year-old girls have touched themselves in the past month.   (This is from Cynthia Robbins study on the sexual behaviors of US adolescents — see footnote 1.)

To put this in context, Kinsey found in his studyfemale-mastubating from 1948 to 1953 that 23% of 14-year-olds had EVER masturbated and 32% of 17-year-olds — so we are looking at a dramatic rise. On the surface it looks like a doubling — but the recent higher numbers refer to ‘in the past month’ compared with “done it ever” so this increase is WAY WAY more significant that just a 100% increase. In fact, Kinsey estimated that just 1 in 5 college girls (20%) had masturbated in the past year. (My favorite is Kinsey’s claim that girls stop masturbating when when coitus becomes available! Yikes to the 1950s!)  Oh, how times have changed.

Now, according to another US study (Das, 2007) the highest female masturbation rates are found in young,  white females partnered females — the exact opposite of the 50’s — where older females fapped more (but nowhere near as much as younger women today) and mostly it was the single girls fapping.

A 2010 study by Quinta-Gomes which took thepussy-closeup responses from over 3500 Portuguese women (likely representative of all European women)  and found that 91% had masturbated and about 66% were masturbating regularly. The most interesting thing was, of the masturbators — they were most likely to be having sex with a  partner and 2) the masturbators increased in frequency — with women being much more likely to masturbate several times a day vs. just once. Also, attitudes amongst the non-masturbators were that of guilt (no shocker or shame) — so this would most likely indicate a growing acceptance that women touch themselves — not just boys. Now teenage boys still masturbate more than teenage girls — but that’s not really a surprise considering that over 95% of teenage boys have jacked off at least once in the past month. But it’s worth repeating that women who masturbate often do it many times a day and in fact that is much more common than masturbating once a day.  (The majority of women masturbate in the range of several times a month to several times a week however…but if you’re probably not going to cum every other day or every day — you’re going to cum a bunch of times a day.

Around the world, Asian teen girls were least likely togirl-masturbating masturbate — or understand the working of doing it right — where 60% of Croatian teens masturbate as of 2010 (I’m only talking about females here).  A 2008 British study by Wellings & Johnson et al. found that the highest masturbation rates were found amongst the wealthy and educated — with a strong correlation between wealth and education level and frequency of masturbation.  (Just throwing it out there that the poor don’t have the time to fap and are most likely to feel guilt over masturbation.)

The average female  masturbates 1.0 times per week (world wide) compared with the average male fapping 2.1 times per week.  So women definitely masturbate a fair bit. Now consider the following.

Of course, the French National Survey determined that young females definitely feel distress over the actual reporting of their masturbatory habits — especially because they have not yet been with a partner– and the study concluded that younger females are hugely under-reporting the frequency of masturbation. Polygraph tests have shown that “masturbation is the least accurately reported sexual behavior amongst females” (Halpern, Udry, Suchindran,& Campbell, 2000.)

So the actual rates of female masturbation are surely much higher than I am reporting here.


In fact, the French National Behavior Survey found a significant rise in masturbation in female youths — and especially amongst women reporting a Body Mass Index  (BMI) >30.  Body mass and obesity was actually found to be a significant indicator of masturbatory habits amongst women.   I’ll put this in layman’s terms because it’s funnier:  If your BMI is 30+ you are really fat. If it’s 26-30+ you are obese and definitely a BBW with more than a few extra pounds. 18-25 is considered normal (although 34% of girls under 30 with a BMI in this range consider themselves overweight compared to 11% of men.)  And the skinny mini girls have a BMI under 18.

Ok, first of, there was a strong correlation between BMI and both number and frequency of sexual partners — shocking, I know, but skinny girls actually get laid WAY MORE that fat ones! (I could barely believe this and had to check the stats several times to confirm it –but it’s true. A skinny girl actually gets both more opportunities to have sex AND says yes to sex more often than even ‘normal weight’ girls and they clearly outperform the big and fat girls (BMI of 26-30 were 70% less likely to have had 1 sexual partner in the past year compared with a girl with  a BMI of 18-25 — and I won’t discuss the girls with less than 18 BMIs because it will just make the obsese and 30+ girls suicidal.)

And how does BMI relate to masturbation? The lower your BMI, the


Frequent masturbators are much more likely to squirt

higher your chances of masturbating in the past week.  Skinny girls apparently don’t just get laid more, they touch themselves all the freakin’ time!  A girl with  a BMI under 18 is 5 times more likely to masturbate several times a day, every day –compared with a BMI between 18-25. Girls with a BMI between 26-30  And 30+ BMI fatties? Let’s just say they don’t masturbate much — are by far the most likely to be in the group that hasn’t masturbated in the past year. However, one anomaly was girls with a BMI between 26-30 were twice as likely to have watched porn in the past month over BMIs of 18-25 — but fuck it you’re not beating the skinny girls at porn watching! The skinnier you are, the more likely you are to have used porn too — by a massive margin.



fingers-up-assBack in the 1950s, Kinsey found that ‘a good incidence of anal sex in females was not available and so no estimation of frequency can be made.’  The basically means, while he found that 11% of men were having anal sex (hmmm…and gay men are in that group) there weren’t enough females doing it for him figure out a rate. Kinsey did find that approximately 11% of married couples had ‘tried’ anal sex at least once — but the frequency of this activity was not discussed and not believed to be common.

Later, in the 60s and 70s Masters and Johnson were ‘discovering’ some incredibly basic things like ‘all women are capable of having orgasms’ but they still seemed a bit squeamish to discuss anal sex in any context other than ‘gay male sex’ and apparently they didn’t believe it was that common.


Flash forward to the 2000s. According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, in 1992 about 10% offisting-her-ass women aged 20-30 had had anal sex in the past year.  The 2010 survey had 4% of women did anal in their LAST sexual encounter and 46% had done anal in the past year.  And oral sex? 8 out 9 regularly did it — so pretty much everyone has oral sex regularly and many make it a part of every sexual encounter.

So a fuckton of people are
having anal sex and loving it. In fact,  the rise in anal sex has
shocked the research world — but the incidence of anal sex amongst youth is astronomical.  According to the Huffinton Post in 2013, “recent survey showed that 22% of teenage girls report anal sex in the last 60 days.”  Just consider the percent of teenage girls that had sex in the past 60 days to really put that in context! (DAMN! I saved that info somewhere ’cause I read it recently…but I can’t find it at the moment! Returns to it…and here it is (from a US National Government Survey):

American teen sex rate

Let’s do some math. So let’s see…30.6% of teens had sex in the past 3 months nad 25.5% had sex in the month. So let’s call it an average for the past 2 months of 28.0% had sex in the past 2 months. And of those, 22% had anal sex.  So of the population of the 28% who had sex, 78.6% of them had anal sex!! Wow!

But who are the most likely to engage in anal sex? Those that masturbate the most — so pointing to the skinny girls…they are the ones taking it up the ass — and apparently all the fucking time!

According to Shulman and Horne (2003), masturbation promotes a positive body image for young women

— and especially those who view porn regularly while they masturbate.  In fact, sexologists are girl-urges-mastubationsaying that women masturbating is the most important thing they can do to promote good sexual health and enjoy sex — and we need to actively promote  and encourage masturbation in young females (Coleman, 2002). Masturbation increases frequency of orgasm, enjoyment of sex and reduces sexual dysfunction (Coleman again.)  It makes sense. As you masturbate you become much more comfortable with your body  and really get to know your genitals. As you masturbate more your body image improves and you learn your likes and preferences (McCormick, 1994).

The females least likely to masturbate are those least accepting of their bodies and by far the most likely to have serious sexual hangups and feel guilty over even the thought of touching themselves. But if you masturbate a lot you are way way more likely to learn how to squirt — so if you are interesting in learning how to female ejaculate: practice makes perfect!

But societally speaking, way less than 1% of girls have talked to their parents ever about masturbation and it is rare for the topic to be discussed in any school classroom. So the impression that girls get is — nobody but them does it.

For example, 62.5% of men think masturbation is ‘critical to sexual health’ with another 25% thinking it is ‘completely normal and natural.’   Compare those numbers with women: 16% think it critical and 46% accept it as normal. So 62.5% of men vs. 16% of women!??! Are you kidding me?  A full 37.5% of young women ‘will never accept it or feel very conflicted over it’— which fucking sucks!! (Edward and Coleman, 2004 [but not the fucking sucks part…that’s all me.])

I’m tired so I’m gonna stop…but there’s lots more where this came from. (I may add more graphs later –and goddamnit, I didn’t even get to techniques used!) So much to say.

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