How to Find Your G-Spot


A toothbrush can stimulate your g-spot

A lot of girls who are curious about squirting orgasms and female ejaculation are discovering their G-spots in order to make this happen.  Where is your G-spot and how do you find it? This article will answer all those questions and then I will continue on to tell you about kegal exercises in order to strengthen your squirt muscles and finally I will give you 3 techniques to practice while masturbating so that you can be a squirter too.

Let’s start with the G-spot or Gräfenberg spot — named after the 17th century Dutch physician Regnier de Graaf.  And omfg!! I just visited the g-spot page on Wikipedia to find the doctor’s name and I can’t believe my eyes. It says, “Neither the G-spot nor the existence of female ejaculation has been proven.”  Well fuck that nonsense. I’ve seen squirting far too many time from far too many girl to have even the slightest bit of doubt. It’s like telling me that rain doesn’t exist. Really? Have you looked outside? I’m talking to the blind and moronic authors of the 2013 article that produced that quote (Vincenso Puppo’s Anatomy and physiology of the clitoris, vestibular bulbs, and labia minora with a review of the female orgasm)  in a magnificent work of shoddy scientific research.  Good fucking lord.  It’s like asking the completely socially inept kid about the vagina. Vincenso’s only seen plastic models apparently and didn’t bother to ask any women that were good in bed.  Jesus…I’m stunned, to be honest. If he asked me I could produce several squirters who would happily dispel this myth.

Now this has lead me to do a bit more research — as I wish to be the most educatedbeach-volleyball-girl

on my favorite topic of female ejaculation. Specifically, what tweaked my interest was the study of identical twins showing that some could and some couldn’t shejaculate. You see, I’ve long held the belief that pretty much every woman can squirt because…well, every time I’ve tried it works. (Sometimes it takes some sustained effort over several weeks but it has always ended in success…and to be honest, more than 3-4 attempts is uncommon to not have any success.) But this directly addresses a problem I’ve had with multiple studies claiming that only between 40-70% (depending on the study) of women can squirt. Well, if one identical twin can and the other can’t it seems obvious to me that it’s not the physiology and hardware to blame.

Just so you know, I did another post on the anatomy of the g-spot (also known as the female prostate) so

click that link if you want to learn more about it and the skene gland.

So where is your G-Spot? The g-spot is the area of spongy tissue found about 2-3 inches inside the vagina on the top (roof? The part closest to your head.)   The area has a different texture than the rest of the vaginal walls where it is rougher than the normally smooth sides. And like I said, it feels slightly spongy compared to the rest of that area.  Note: Wash your hands first 🙂

So here are 3 steps to Find Your G-Spot:

1) Masturbate and get aroused.  It is WAY easier to find the g-spot on an aroused female than a non-aroused female (hence Vincenso’s complete lack of success and firm belief it doesn’t exist — as apparently he skill with women leaves something to be desired.)
2) Place a finger inside the vagina and curl it upward. It will naturally land pretty much right on the g-spot.
3) Wiggle your fingers on that spot and notice:

  • the rough texture (wrinkled kinda like a raisin)
  • spongy feeling
  • the difference in sensation when wiggling/tapping on this spot

That’s pretty much all I have to say on finding it…it’s pretty easy…like finding the clit: once you know where it is…well, there it is.

Coming up:
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