How to Do Kegel Exercises to Help You Squirt

hand-over-pussyGirls who are interested in learning how to squirt  should consider doing kegel exercises in order to strengthen the muscles and really encourage this happening. You probably want to learn to squirt because squirting is damn sexy — and these three posts are going to help you do just that.  I want to say I speak from experience: girls with really strong PC muscles (the muscles strengthened by kegel exercises) tend to squirt. But I don’t want you to get all worked up and nervous about squirting as if it’s some sort of holy grail of female orgasms. Female ejaculation orgasms are cool…but they happen pretty naturally and your body will just learn how to do it. Hell, I know more than one girl who has found squirting in some places to more than a little inconvenient…point being it just happens to them. And it will just happen to you too.  In fact, Kegels can not only greatly reduce the chance of anal prolapse but also increase the chance of a squirting anal orgasm.   But from a male perspective, just being able to squeeze your vaginal muscles is a massive, massive benefit in and of itself. Squeezing is pleasing.

First step towards squirting is becoming familiar with your lady bits. So the first step is to find your G-spot.

Ok, the G-spot is ultimately the part you want to effect but you should know that Kegels effect allsquirting-schoolgirl the muscles in the pelvic floor as they are all related. Kegels will cause you to tighten your anus…and in fact the most powerful kegel exercise for strengthening your G-Spot and making female ejaculation (shejaculation) more likely is an anal exercise using the MPT. But more on that tomorrow.


Sure, kegel exercises will help you make you a squirter…but they will also help you squeeze during sex and clamp down on his cock like a vice.  Trust me…he will notice. And he will like it. It also really helps with anal sex (notice how the muscle flexes both your pussy and your ass. Anally induced squirting is no coincidence.) Oh, so there’s that…and stronger orgasms.


Once you know what it is you’re working with, let’s talk about some kegel exercises.

Exercise 1- Learn to Stop your Pee

The PC muscles are the ones that stop the flow of urine. So everytime you ‘cut off’ the flow of pee, you are squeezing that muscle.
Step 1: Each time you pee, start peeing and then stop it right away.
Step 2: Start peeing again and then stop it as soon as the flow starts.
Step 3: repeat till you are out of pee. You should get at least 10 starts and stops.

Repeat this every time you pee for at about a month to get really familiar with the muscles and then stop.

Exercise 2- Squeeze your Fingers

Step 1: Insert your fingers in your vagina and feel your G-spot
Step 2: Flex the PC muscles and feel them squeeze on your fingers.
Step 3: Squeeze the muscles at least 60 times, feeling how they contract on your fingers.

Do this exercise each time you masturbate (minimum) as it’s best done aroused. Additionally, do it once a day.

Exercise 3: Rapid Flexing

Flex 10 times in 10 seconds to get the muscles used to flexing rapidly.  Do this rapid flexing frequently

Exercise 4: Flex during the daythroughout the day…aiming for 20 times through the day.

As you get more comfortable with flexing the PC muscle, you will notice that you can flex it at any time without anyone noticing.  Now it’s time to take advantage of this and practice throughout the day.
Step 1: Flex your PC muscle for 5 seconds
Step 2: Relax your muscles for 5 seconds
Step 3: Repeat 45 times then rest

You should do this exercise at least 3 times a day.

Exercise 5: Strength Building


ok ok, that’s a speculum…she’s trying but a bit blonde.

Step 1: Flex your PC muscle as hard as you can and hold for 10 seconds (as hard as you can is important)The PC muscle is a muscle and you need to work it like any other.  When you go to the gym, you generally build strength by doing 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions. So for curls, you might take a 40lbs dumbell and curl it 8 to 10 times and then rest. Then do it again 2 more times. (Actually, you’re probably a girl so I’m guessing 40lbs is too much.)

Step 2: Relax for 5 seconds.
Step 3: Repeat till you have do a set of 8-10 repetitions…as many as you can.
Step 4: Do 2 more sets of 8-10.
Step 5: Repeat this every 3 days to let the muscles build.

The key here is to do this as hard as possible as it’s only once every 3 days. Keep doing exercise 3 for endurance but the strength one is just every third day.  As you get more proficient at this…you can increase the time of each flexing for each of the 10 repetitions. You want to do this so you can just barely make it 8-10 repetitions. I can easily do a full, hard flex for 30 seconds with no difficulty whatsoever.

Exercise 6: Strength Training II – Equipment and Weights

There is equipment and weights that you can use to exercise your vagina.  I will do a post on that tomorrow on Strength Training for Your Vagina.

Exercise 7: Exercise while Masturbating

Then is the key exercise…and definitely the most fun.
Step 1: Read the post I make the day after tomorrow on How to Masturbate so You Squirt. 😉


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