Looking for Alaska (banned book with teen sex scene)


I am not using this as an excuse to show naked girls in the snow

I’ve been a fan of John Green for some time. I’ve been a follower of his YouTube channel for ages — and watched him start writing the book, The Fault in Our Stars (talking about writing it, sending manuscripts back and forth to his editor and the whole editorial process)…so the fact it became a New York Times bestseller for many many weeks — just makes me so happy for him. And then they made it into a major Hollywood film. Well, damn! That’s awesome.  So why am I writing this? The Tennessee school system banned John’s first novel, Looking for Alaska because there is a sex scene in it! It’s on page 44 if you want to skip right to it.
This is fucking ridiculous!

Looking for Alaska is a coming of age story where 2 high school students have terrible, awkward and unfun
sex — just like many virgins!  The story is well crafted and cannot be considered erotic –unless you are turned on by the unpolished moves of floundering teens. But the school system banned it anyway. And I have to ask the people in the land of the free: Do you really think this is where high school students are learning about sex???  WTF? Censoring  is bullshit but in this case — you are denying high school teens access to quality writing  so they can go home and fap to internet porn.

Besides, why is sex such a taboo? Almost everyone does it, loves it and enjoys it.  Odds are that more than half the students have already had awkward virginal sex before reading John Green’s book…and 99.9% have seen hardcore porn.  And having read porn — this book does not qualify in any way. (The girl doesn’t exactly cum like crazy and squirt female ejaculate all over the high school class…but I would pay to see someone squirt all over the censors.)

Someone needs to censor the censors.naked-girl-in-snow

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