Safety: Dried Blood and Bloodplay

blood-vampire-femaleSafety should always be at the forefront of your thoughts when performing BDSM activities. Obviously, if blood is released then the level of play is much higher and requires a lot stricter attention to detail to keep it safe. Bloodplay is intentionally releasing blood — the Some of the harshest play can result in blood — and this blood can be released as spatter as well as impregnate toys. Now you might think that this blood could be dangerous only for a short time — and that after it dries it’s pretty much safe. But that is NOT the case. Dried blood can harbor bacteria and nasty viruses for up to — wait for it — 13+ weeks!

The most dangerous virus that stays in dried blood great lengths of time is Hepatitis C — and Hep C sucks. And many people are asymptomatic and so they don’t realize they have it.  Luckily HIV is not very tough and ties shortly after being exposed to air…but Hep C can stick around for far too long. But no problem, right? Just soak the area in bleach. Wrong!


Bleach probably won’t kill it!
Bleach doesn’t come close to always killing many viruses like Hep C (HCV) because of all sorts of issues:

  • bleach needs to be ‘fresh’ (I had no idea about this) — not more than 24 hours old.
  • it must be used in at least 10% solution (mix in a bit too much water and it lives)
  • you have to soaking it (constant submersion in bleach for 3min minimum.  the blood for long enough to be effective).
  • wood and porous materials (such as cheap dildos!) pretty much can’t be cleaned (they give small places for blood to hide for weeks and weeks!)
  • Bleach kills by shifting the pH of the virii and needs 20 min of wet time and then needs to dry for a few hours to be effective (given fresh, concentrated bleach)

Risks from Bloodplay Scenes at Parties
Ok, so you go to a party and there is either scenes involving bloodplay or blood being drawn in other ways –anything from needles to bullwhips. What are the dangers?


  • Whips and floggers can spray blood all over the play
  • Whips can make fine mists of blood in the air for you to inhale
  • Fine blood splatter can cover all kinds of surfaces that probably won’t get cleaned properly
  • Wood (think canes, paddles and equipment such as a St. Andrews Cross) can all get blood on it that is very difficult to clean if left to dry
  • Designated bloodplay areas may actually greatly increase the risk of infections
  • Leather also holds dried blood very effectively
  • #1 Danger is Floggers and Bullwhips drawing blood on multiple partners and basically injecting them into someone new days or weeks later.

Are you sad I haven’t put up a graphic blood play picture yet? Don’t be sad!


How to make Bloodplay Safer
Well, people are still going to go hard and draw blood at parties —  I’ve witnessed an actual crucifixion with nails that were far too big — so how can we improve things to make it safer?

  • Make bloodplay areas a medically themed area with all stainless steel surfaces
  • Wipe up any blood immediately and don’t let it dry
  • Use medical grade gloves when cleaning bloodplay areas
  • Wipe up an areas where small amounts of blood spatter was likely (the areas where bloodspray was missed is the most dangerous)
  • Always use hospital grade disinfectants that list the kill times
    • Cavicide
    • Virox
    • Solucide
    • Barbacide
    • Discide Ultra (recommended for cleaning sex toys)
    • Hibiclens  (best for use with sensitive skin)
  • If the above isn’t available, the most effective backup is 1-propanol (alcohol)


    Ok, you can be sad about this one…no blood! (Right table though)

  • Spraying surfaces with a spray bottle is far more effective than using any sort of wipe
  • Soak area with the disinfectant and reapply with a sprayer so you are sure it was wet for at the very least 3 min and 6-8 min to be sure.
  • Use rolls of paper like at the doctor’s office for areas that will definitely get blood on them
  • Dispose of bloody rags properly in sealed bio containers
  • If a wooden or leather toy breaks the skin…it can’t be properly cleaned. Make this a dedicated toy
  • Wood coated with polyurethane still counts as wood
  • Cheap dildos can’t be cleaned either — they should be dedicated (but for fucks sakes, they really should be silicon!)
  • Dildos count as blood play items when used during a period — and the anus also rips easily so yeah, again, use silicone toys and boil them.
  • Vampire gloves are definitely a dedicated toy

All that said, coming in contact with a surface with infected dried blood is not that likely to cause any problems. But breaking the skin and then touching a surface is a definite hazard — as is using a toy/cane/flogger/etc that has previously broken someone else’s skin.   But if it’s you’re own dried blood — you won’t be able to reinfect yourself — you’ve already got whatever you’ve got and can’t get it again.

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