vomit-on-cockAnd the word of the day is vomerophilia! Yes, there’s a word for it!

What is vomerophilia? It’s not the name of a Shakespearean character (that’s Ophelia).  No no, vomerophilia is the love of and sexual arousal by vomit.  I bet you didn’t know that was a thing. God bless the internet.

So happy they named it such a pretty name too! <3

Ok, but how is it possible to be erotically aroused byvomerophilia someone throwing up? I mean, most people gag themselves when they see someone throwing up — so how the hell can it become erotic. Well first off, there is a very good reason when we throw up when we see someone else barfing. According to evolutionary biologists (my favorite kind: I’m a big fan of this science) the reflex to puke when you see someone else vomit because for hundreds of thousands of years we lived in small wandering close knit bands. If someone in the tribe ate something poisonous — it was likely that everyone else ate it too. So when a member of your band pukes — you have a natural instinct to puke the poison out of your own system as well.  Makes sense, right?  I remember one girl in kindergarden puking and it started a chain reaction  — and must have been a nightmare for the janitor.

girls-puking-on-each-otherFlash forward to modern times — we’ve learned to suppress this instinct fairly effectively these days — mostly because the likelihood of everyone having eaten the same thing is a group is extremely small at most times.

Ok, ok, back to the fetish. Vomerophilia is a fetish because it’s about control over a slave’s body.  You own the slave and she must give over every bodily function to you.  So you can force a slave to puke to test her willingness to obey any order. If she does it, I have to admit, it’s most arousing because she is demonstrating a very high degree of submission. In BDSM, it’s often not the act itself but the mean that is given to the act: so ordering a slave to stick her hand down her throat and puke is really rewarding if she does it without hesitation, resistance and looks at you afterward for praise and approval for successfully following a difficult order.

Now I can also see vomerophilia developing in other ways as well. You see, it is ‘sexual arousal

from seeing someone vomit’ and so we have to look at ways a person may vomit during a sexual situation. The most obvious here is face fucking a sub and forcing your cock so far down her throat that she vomits. So a Master or Dominant may be roughly forcing a blowjob and at the height of excitement and really ramming your cock down the sub’s throat: she pukes.  Well, there you have a situation which is highly sexually charged and closely linked to vomit.  So I can definitely see how this can happen.

Now there are other benefits to having a slave vomit on your cock or while you are fucking her. Specifically, when she vomits, it covers your cock with a very pleasant warm rush of extremely slippery fluid that is one of the finest lubes ever.  (I know, you’d expect it to be burning acid that would send your cock in an emergency rush to the nearest shower just to make that shit stop burning — but that really isn’t the case.)  I’ve never experienced even a small amount of tingling from that I associate with acid exposure to skin — and I worked in a lab and I’m really sensitive to that feeling because if you feel it, you sometimes have just seconds to react before the tingly becomes pain or if you leave it on it intensifies over the half hour or so if the molarity is fairly dilute.  I know exactly what to look for and vomit has never once triggered that reaction.

What it has done is coated my cock with the slimiest, most awesome lube ever that’s 10x better than astroglide for anal sex. That combined with an adorable slave looking up at me with love and pure devotion in her eyes — yeah, vomerophilia is actually a thing.

If you make a sex slave vomit during sex –vaginal or anal — she involuntarily squeezes the fuck out of her muscles down there in an extremely pleasant way. It feels fucking great. So again, the pleasures from a vomiting slave are actually pretty awesome if you can get over the gag reflex thing.

The ‘right context’ is most important. Seeing just someone barfpuke-slut-barfing because they are sick or drank too much: absolutely not a turn on. Gross. Also, the right context does not include my fucking bed! No, an empty bathtub or other place where the puke can be easily washed away is ‘right’ for me.  Also, it’s best if she’s had a fairly liquid diet for a bit as chunks of partially digested sushi, for example — can be rather unpleasant on it’s second appearance so keep that in mind. (A delicious and creamy desert such as chocolate cheesecake, however can be tasty for her the second time around and you can have her enjoy lots of it while helping to keep her skinny.)

In fact, the shock and awe pornographer Max Hardcore is known for his domination scenes where
her forces girls to vomit. He often says creepy stuff like, “Yeah, that’s how models stay skinny” and “Come on and puke so you’ll be my skinny little slut.”  And this is one of the reasons why Max Hardcore was seen as one of the most extreme pornographers out there — and he pretty much pioneered the genre the now caters to vomerophilliacs which now gets 2.3 million hits when you google “vomit porn.”  So Max Hardcore: father of vomit porn and I’d like to name him the patron saint of vomerophillia. He definitely took gagging porn (gagging during a blowjob) to the next level.

For example, he mixes in girls puking on each other and into each other’s mouths. Seriously messed up shit. Still, it is a great way to push a girl’s limits and…well, to dominate her.  But if you’re into that sort of thing, feel free to check our Max Hardcore’s website.

girl-puking-on-a-dickI know this fetish isn’t for everyone — good lord, I can’t believe I’m into it — but having practiced it for a bit with my wonderful slave Ashlie it’s definitely is a way she proves her devotion to me and she gets off on it too because she enjoys me stressing her to the limit and forcing her to prove herself to me. Thing is, the fact that she will now puke any time I order it — she has proven herself to me. That’s really hard to set aside and think, nah, she’d not willing to everything I order. ha ha. Vomerophilia — the sexual arousal from seeing someone vomit: it’s a real and very wonderful thing in the right context.

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