Why Squirting is Sexy

squirt-drinking-whoreSquirting, or when a female ejaculates, is the sexiest thing that I can think of — but what exactly makes squirting so damn sexy?  The short answer is, it stimulates all of his senses in an orgasmic overload.

Volume = Intensity
In the male mind, the presence of liquid means orgasm. Males are have been jerking off and cumming since puberty and what happens when they cum? They shoot ejaculate out of there cocks.   You may not know this, but there is a direct correlation between the amount of semen a guy shoots and the intensity of his orgasm. So there’s another correlation in the male subconscious that volume equal intensity.  Now picture your typical teenage boy with his girl. He makes her cum for the first times and …nothing. Nada. Zilch. He has to ask, “Did you cum?”  And she often answers, “I think so.”  Well fuck. As far as the guy is concerned, he hasn’t seen any change whatsoever. I mean come on! When I cum, I shoot thick loads of hot cum all over you. And all I get is, “I think so???”

Now contrast this with seeing a girl squirt half a liter of female ejaculate! All of a sudden he can seemassive-female-ejaculation her gushing cum and knows instantly exactly when she is starting to cum. Plus there is an extremely strong association with liquid flowing and spurting and the intensity of orgasm is literally blown away because for him, 2 tablespoons if fucking massive! So in the male mind, he see her squirting and is just
about gonna die from joy at seeing her cum so hard.

And seeing her cum is important to men. Keep in mind that males tend to be very visual creatures — much more so than females. They can’t get enough of boobs for example. So of course they love to look at girls squirting — it’s the ultimate in sexy because it is a liquefied orgasm that he can watch! It’s no secret that guys love to watch porn.  Guys love to look at anything sexual — and a liquifed orgasm of spraying shejaculate definitely qualifies. So the verdict from this is: guys love to see sexy things and this is by definition, #1.

Another sense stimulated by female ejaculation is hearing. Yeah, you can actually hear  — easily. It’s liquid spraying everywhere…often accompanied by, “omg omg omg OMGGGGGGGGG!”  Check out this clip and listen to her moan with pleasure 😉

Ok, now what would be better than something youfemale-ejaculation-lesbians can taste — and from my experience 99% of
shejaculate tastes freakin’ awesome. There’s nothing like putting a ton effort into fucking a girl and getting all hot and sweaty — and then she rewards you with a nice refreshing drink. What’s not to love.

Shejaculate does not have a strong smell most of the time…and tends to fade quickly …but goddamnit does it ever smell like great sex to me. Smell is a powerful emotional trigger too and so smelling that — brings back every other memory of girls squirting too…and they are all good, sexy memories too. In fact, smell is probably the most powerful memory trigger in humans.  Think of smelling a strawberry and it brings you back to a time where you were out in the woods and came across a patch of the most delicious wild strawberries. Well, shejaculate is like that — but it reminds him of incredibly good sex and wonderful orgasms!

Nothing quite feels so hot as being sprayed with hot wet cum from head to foot in a shower of female ejaculation that says, “You are home, loved, and awesome’ all in one powerful blast! Seriously….I’ve been sprayed heavily and had my neck to thighs drenched in a shower of warm, glorious cum and so I can definitely say it stimulates your sense of touch…and it adds to this powerful, sense filled experience.

Anchors –Now an anchor is something that psychologists refer to a trigger from the first experience that influences your subsequent experiences with the same stimuli. So the first time he had great sex she squirted all over him — and the anchor is set. The next many times — also occur while he is having extremely enjoyable sex — in fact he only sees a girl squirting (in real life) when he’s having sex and very often  it’s working well 😉  Or often he can make her squirt during intense anal sex squirting. Now imagine if the first (or perhaps subsequent times) sees her gushing cum –when he himself is en-rapt in an orgasm. Well, that’s one hell of a positive anchor! So squirting becomes intimately linked in his mind with great sex and his best experiences of sex at that! No wonder guys think it’s sexy!

So to sum up, squirting is a powerful sexual stimuli that makes guys (and girls) go nuts because it’s so sexy — since every experience, they have with squirting tends to be heavily biased towards awesome sex. But squirting not only visually stimulates a guy, but it covers him (literally) with sensual stimulation in one sudden burst of smell, touch, sound — and very frequently orgasm too. So squirting is undeniably tied with the literal definition of great sex for that guy.  And that is squirting is the ultimate in sexy.

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