Little Birthdays

Little Birthdays 1

It’s Ashlie’s birthday today!  And since Ashlie is a little (into ageplay) she will be turning 12 years old today!  I am super excited for this too as 12 is such a good age: just budding puberty and all the thoughts and abilities of a young adult without any of the jadedness.

Personally, I’m pretty happy for this as Ashlie has some of the cutiest little perky boobs on the planet and it’s easy to imagine them belonging to an actual 12 year old so it helps with the ageplaying. She was 11 before this and I gave her the option of either turning 10 or 12 –and I thought she’d go with 10 but was pleasantly surprised she picked 12…so I think I will give her several birthday fucks today as a reward for that. 😉

Of course, she will also have to have a mandatory birthday spanking.  I am thinking she will get a minimum of 120 spanks (10

Little Birthdays 2

for each year) but I could make it an epic spanking and give her 1200.

I could blog about the presents I am getting her…but they are as of yet undelivered I will not be ruining any surprises.

I do have plans to tie her up and interrogate her while messing with her head and forming her thoughts. It’s going to be fun. I love birthdays! And because she’s turning 12, it seems to be ever more joyous –a happy occasion without any worrisome thoughts about ‘getting older’ and all that crap that plagues our society.

That, and fucking her beautiful little pussy.

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