Strength Training for Your Vagina

There are many ways to to exercise your vagina and do kegel exercises without weights. But if you really want to take your exercise program to the next level, you’re going to want to use equipment.  Now first off, you may be asking why you would want to give your vagina a workout (at least one that doesn’t involve a cock.) Well, PC muscles give girls magic pussies that can clamp down on a cock for extra friction and also do wonderful things like stroke him is she has enough strength and control. But it also gives her stronger orgasm and makes squirting orgasms far far more likely. (Sure, there is also a side benefit of not peeing yourself that often but to be honest, I don’t think I know any girls that have problems peeing themselves so it’s not really a selling point.)  However, strong kegel muscles prevent prolapse from anal sex and actually make squirting from anal sex a regular thing.

So without further ado, my How To Guide for Strength Training for Your Vagina:

Regular kegel exercises are isometric and by using weights or springs, you add resistance and start doing weight training which is much more effective at strengthening your pelvic muscles.   For the spring resistance styled devices, they get resistance from a spring so simply insert and squeeze. For the weight and ball types, you can increase or decrease the weight you are supporting by changing position. Laying on you back supports 0% of the weight. Laying back at 45 degrees has you supporting 70.7% of the weight (I didn’t actually do the math on that…but remember of sine of 45 …I think it’s right.)

Ok, so you’ve strengthened your vagina with kegel exercises and are ready to take it to the next level. Let’s look at the equipment you can get.

These balls are smooth little weights that you insert into the vagina and then, as you move around, you
have to flex in order to keep them in you. Basically, thehand-holding-kegel-balls balls threaten to slip out of you and you have to keep them in. So it’s sort of a constant reminder to flex.

What you need to know:
The smaller the ball and the heavier it is, the more challenging it will be to keep it in you…and the greater the workout.   Lighter, bigger balls may not do all that much for you if they don’t threaten to fall out of you…you probably won’t flex.  If you don’t wear underwear, they can slip out of you for potential embarrassment.  Always get balls that are non-porous and easy to clean such as stainless steel. Oh, and they WILL set of metal detectors.

You can get single or double balls on a rope that function in the same way as Ben Wa Balls: threatening to fall out of you so you have to contract your pussy muscles to keep them inside you.  These are silcone so they are easy to clean thoroughly by boiling.

What you need to know:

The balls are attached together making it less likely that both will slip out to cause embarrassment. Since the balls are attached together, they are always in the ideal position to cause you to flex a longer length of your vaginal canal and a single ball can’t get ‘sucked’ too far up into you that it stops trying to fall out. There’s a handy string to pull them out quickly if need be…and a partner and use the same string to pull them out — forcing you to flex really hard to hold them in. So it works well with a workout partner or trainer. And finally, you can stick a vibrator in the rope and this can vibrate the balls together inside you.

What You Need To Know:
So overall, the roped balls are far superior to the standard Ben Wa balls…but make sure you get one with a silicon coated string. Works by being left in you and reminding you to squeeze many times throughout the day to keep them inside you.

Alright, you’ve worked your muscles a bunch and now it’s time to start weight training. Yes, there are vagina-weightweights for your vagina. I bet you had no idea. They come in barbells that weigh a pound and are about 17cm by 2.5cm (6 3/4″ by 1″ if you still think in the archaic and outdated system supported only by Americans).

This was the original device created by Dr. Kegel.  Some claim that it works by being cold and so that causes your pussy to tighten on it…but that’s pretty much bullshit as guess what? Metal in your hot little pussy becomes body temperature pretty fast.

What you need to know:
Works by gravity pulling it and you squeezing to keep it in you. The original devices are pretty pricey (Over $150) but since it’s just a metal weight cheaper versions will do just fine so long as they are stainless steel (or other pussy compatible material.)  Use:  Do 5x rapid contractions followed by a contraction that is held for  6 seconds. Do this repeatedly for 5-10 minutes or until you are tired.

FPT (Feminine Personal Trainer)

This is a 16Oz. weight you put in your vagina


The smaller it is, the harder you have to squeeze.

and then resist it as gravity pulls it out of you. Like the Kegelciser, it works on weight…though this one is heavier it is also a bit thicker so I bet it’s about the same net effect (the heavier weight makes it harder but the wider object makes it easier.)  I think it boils down to a matter of personal preference.

Then again, using both types is going to be better than just one.

What you need to know:
Works by gravity pulling it and you squeezing to keep it in you. This is an effective device.
Use:  Do 5x rapid contractions followed by a contraction that is held for  6 seconds. Do this repeatedly for 5-10 minutes or until you are tired.

This is actually the exerciser that I have Ashlie use. She likes it because she can see what is plastic-vaginal-exerciser
happening as she flexes (you can see it moving) so she knows when she is using the right muscles. It also offers a good amount of resistance.

What you need to know:
It’s cheap, simple, easy to clean and give a good workout with feedback on how you are flexing. It provides resistance by way of a spring. Squeeze the right muscles and you can see the device move so you get direct feedback.

What Ashlie needs to know:
Your room being a mess is NOT an excuse for being able to find your Gineflex! >.<  Clean your damn room kitten! (Are you afraid? You should be.)

THE BEST: MPT (Maximum Personal Trainer)
This is an anal device that is the best for a couple of reasons. First off, the anus isanal-exerciser located more to the the center of the pelvic floor muscles and so it will work the muscles harder and more evenly. Secondly, because the MPT extends out of the rectum while in use, it allows for additional weight to be added to increase resistance over time and build significantly stronger muscles.

What you need to know:
Goes up your ass. Works for men and women and this is the most effective device for women.  Works by gravity pulling it and you squeezing to keep it in you. This is the most effective device. Comes with screw on additional weights to increase your workout over time.



Use Both for the Ultimate Pussy Workout

Use more than one device for maximum workout as they all work slightly different areas of the muscles. And with Kegels: more is better.  I suggest using the Gyneflex and MPT at the same for one set of exercises and then switching to a Kegelciser/FPT for a second exercise.  Do 50 rapid contractions followed by a 10 second contraction where you squeeze as hard as you can and hold it. Repeat this without stopping for 10 minutes.    Finally, put the silicone coated balls in you to tone more as you go about your day.





There are a bunch of bullshit exercisers out there that involve squeezing your upper thighs together
and these work the wrong muscles and are pretty much a useless scam.  I repeat: the thigh squeezers don’t work the right set of muscle.



AVOID: Super USELESS and a super scam more like it! Also avoid asses this ’round’.











This is something like Dr.


AVOID: Expensive and just measures your squeeze (use your fingers)

Kegel’s original machine. It measures your ability to squeeze and gives you
feedback when you are squeezing correctly. But it doesn’t provide as much resistance as the other devices (it’s more a squeeze measuring device) and it costs a lot more.



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