Toxic Sex Toys

Toxic sex toys can actually cause pain

A problem that has recently come to my attention is that of toxic sex toys. A scary-ass fact is that over 2100 emergency room visits in America per year are sex toy related. And no, I’m not talking about sex toys that can’t be removed from an anus and they seek medical attention. I’m talking about anaphylactic shock.  How the fuck could that happen?

The short answer is, our prudish society blushes at the mention of sex toys and so no one is actually in charge of making sure they are safe. FDA only covers sex toys that are prescribed and for medical use. Yes, that’s a thing…devices like the kegel weights for strengthening your pussy muscles so you can female ejaculate are sometimes prescribed.  (If you want to know more them, I did an article on strength exercises for squirting: Advanced Kegel exercises with weights)  Note: These are note prescribed to help you with female ejaculation as squirting and shejaculating are not medical problems…but leaky bladder are…and it’s the same muscle.  But aside from a tiny handful of medical devices and ‘therapeutic massagers’ that
are universally $80+ minimum …no one is really looking out for sex toys at all.

The only regulating body that covers sex toys at all is the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) but they are a sort of catchall office that looks for patterns in people getting sick from the use from any product — so household cleaners to clothing –and even children’s toys falls under their jusistiction. That said, being a catch all for EVERY consumer product means sex toys are pretty much completely unregulated and unless it causes acute problems for a lot people — the CPSC will never, ever notice.

So to reiterate: there is not a single bit of pre-market testing before you can insert a toxic plastic toy into the holiest of holies. In fact, the only time the CPSC even looks at sex toys is if someone has been injured severely enough to require hospitalization — as happened 2100 times last year.

What exactly is so harmful about some sex toys? Most of the time it is Phthalates — which is not only toxic but can make up 70% of the sex toy’s mass!!  Other nasties include trimethyltin chloride, phenol, carbon disulphide, toluene, and nice old heavy metal called cadmium. (I used to work with cadmium in a lab and we had to be really careful with exposure to the stuff and had regular blood tests to make sure we weren’t being exposed to too much of the stuff…so putting it in soft mucus membrane stimulators seems almost criminal to me.

Toxic sex toys can cause rashes, irritation, sensitivity to the toy and also commonly…pain. Sucky.


Silicone: Distinctive look and feel and COMPLETELY SAFE

1) Use Silicone toys only.  Silicone toys are hypoallergenic and completely non-toxic. Also, they are
non-porous so they can’t hide blood and bacteria to infect you…they are easy to clean (just boil them as they are completely heat resistant) and they actually feel better too.  So always always always use silicone in place of plastic.
2) Use glass or stainless steel toys.
3) If it’s smelly — don’t use it! Smells means the chemicals are breaking down…and if you stick it in you…the chemicals will go directly into you.
4) Taste it.  Stick it in your mouth. If it tastes awful…don’t use it: it probably isn’t save.  If your mouth goes numb or gets itchy — DEFINITELY DON’T USE IT.

But again, the easiest thing to do is avoid cheap plastic sex toys made in China…

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