On Sex with Young Girls

jailbait-demotivationalStudies have shown that ‘teen sex’ is most searched form of sex on the internet. And yet at the same time there is a cultural hysteria about pedophillia that is being used as an excuse to monitor our every move on the internet and abandon our privacy.   Is finding girls under the age 18 sexually attractive really such an unnatural abomination?

Studies have also shown that the age at which you find other people attractive doesn’t change…it expands. When young, children find children their own age attractive. But as you age … children under the age of 18 do not become less attractive.
In the stone ages, the average life expectancy was was just 33 years…and people didn’t have the luxury to postpone reproduction.  In the Mesolithic period (between stone and bronze age) the life expectancy for humans dropped to just 20 years. And you can be sure that humans didn’t wait until the girls were 18 before having sex with them. All those that did would have quickly died off –as who would take care of the 1-year-olds? (Assuming sex right at 18 with successful impregnation, she give birth at 18 and 9 months and dies 1.25 years later.)  So we have been genetically selected from stock of humans who ALL had sex before 16 years.
Most studies place the peak attractiveness of females at 16 years…which makes belly-tshirtperfect sense as they usually haven’t had other babies — and so they can have more babies with YOU …and therefore you can out-compete your male competitors with the number of offspring.  We are naturally predisposed to want to impregnate young and healthy females as young ages are favorable to a healthy offspring. The anthropological studies of Napoleon Chagnon of primitive societies found males have an instinctive preference for females at the earliest stages of sexual maturity and states that there has always been a preference for adolescent children and young adults.
In fact, in about 6000BC the average age of pregnancy was 13. By 2500BC the average age of pregnancy broke into the 14 year age range.  Keep in mind that modern humans have been around for well over 100 000 years.  The average age of pregnancy only rose to 15 around 1000AD. Keep in mind that average, by definition, means that 1/2 were pregnant under 15.   So for all of modern humanity’s existence, girls have been getting pregnant and giving birth — and of course, having sex — well below the age of 18.

In Ancient times 

According to history professor Josine H. Blok, the Greeks actively participated in pederasty (the sexual relationship between men and boys and less known but equally as practiced– sexual relationships women and girls) and so both the male and female versions of pederasty was both widely practiced and widely recognized in ancient Greece as the norm: it was even considered a commendable social institution. It was in no way ‘odd’ nor wrong. It was just part of life.
But it’s not just Greece either.  In the Middle East and Asia sex with adolescents was also extremely common.
So how’d it change? The short answer is the Church.
The church introduced the insane practice of celibacy and complete separation of priests and monks from females.  This, in turn, sparked many a homosexual relationship and sex between priests and boys. Soon, sex between priests and boys became part of one of the most powerful institutions in the world.

Youth Sex in Religion

Let’s not vilify the Catholic Church here.  The majority of religions include sexual activity with children including Hinduism, African Traditional, Shinto, Islam, Sikhism, Traditional Chinese and Judaism.
Mary was 12 when she had her baby Jesus.
Mohammad consummated his marriage with one of his wives when she was just 9 years old.
Bar Mitswa turns Jewish boys at 13 years into men with all their sexual rights.

Bat Mitswas turns Jewish girls into fully women at 12 years old –again, as full women with all the rights of a woman.I could go on with Oriental examples I doubt they would resonate with most people.


Hebophilia is defined as an attraction to adolescent children — and this includes 12-16 year olds.
asian-jailbaitNow considering all cultural ‘norms’ aside, the average man find a 16-year-old at her peak attractiveness…then does this not mean that all men are repressed hebophiles? Is it not likely that most are lying if they deny the attractiveness of girls under 18 do to the major shit-storm of disapproval that they know society would lay down upon them? We are talking about threats of jail, excommunication, denial of all rights, being banned from the internet, banned from any and all interactions with children and being a total social outcast. With that as the consequence, it is no wonder that men violently deny any form of attraction to those under 18 — and even those that are under 20 (just to be sure.)
But it is no coincidence that the AVERAGE age of a fashion model is 16. That means 1/2 of models are younger than 16.

There is no society in the world that encourages sex with children before puberty. But at the same time, our beauty standards are defined by 15 and 16-year-olds.   The fact is a lot of money is at stake in determining the ‘most attractive’ and the fashion industry has done just this.

Child Pornography

The fact that child porn has some of the harshest sentences in the legal system for simple possession of a digital image sending you to jail — often with mandatory sentences that are longer than those for physical assault.And this is all to keep people away from seeing those they are biologically programmed to find sexiest from having sex.

Just to be clear, I’m not advocating sex with prepubescent children nor viewing of sexual images of
children who are biologically too young for sex. I’m am simply pointing out that the laws are the same for images of sex with a 4-year-old as with a 14-year-old…but the key difference is: 14 years frequently DO choose to have sex on their own accord.

And the fact that terrified me and inspired this article is that in America, 36% of Child Pornography charges are against children. That’s right. We are locking up children (and by children I primarily mean young teenagers) in order to …protect children? WTF? That’s insane.  It’s a witch hunt. And clearly, more than a third of the ‘child porn’ cases should be thrown out and used as supporting evidence for the rise in child porn and subsequent erosion of our rights.

On Being 18

What is so special about the age of 18?? To me, this is just an arbitrary number that may as well have been pulled out of a hat. It’s just a number.  The best explanation I’ve read is that 18 was selected because that is the age that high school ends and encouraging sex before the end of education is distracting and detrimental to education. And that is why 18 is somehow such a ‘sacred’ number. But in truth, nothing changes biologically at that age…girls reach full body and brain maturity at 16.And it certainly has nothing to do with love. Those under 18 can certainly love.Besides:
Love is blind

Love does not see colour of our skin
Love doesn’t see our religion
Love doesn’t see our wealth
and Love doesn’t see age.
18 is just a number

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