The Fault in Our Stars (Amputee Sex)

I recently saw the movie The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. People often say the book is better than the movie and this is true here but the movie was FUCKING AWESOME! I was so impressed. It’s rare that a movie engages me emotionally this much. It kicked ass, 5/5 and all that.(It currently has a 92% audience liked it on Rotten Tomatoes and 82% of critics). But that’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing this because as part of kicking ass, it included a sex scene with an amputee!! <3 — and that’s goddamn rare!

Now, I’ve done another post on another John Green book, Looking for Alaska — as he’s sort of a favorite

author of mine. I’ve been a member of Nerdfighteria since 2008 and so I can’t say how proud I am of John with his recent success.  I remember John talking about starting to write the book…and how he was sending it back and forth to his editor, choosing the book cover and even an epic bout of signing the first books before any were sold. So seeing it become a smash success (steadily on the New York Times best seller list and then made into a major motion picture…wow…just fucking wow. I would have been happy for him to sell enough to make an enough income in order to feed his kid.)

But the reason I’m writing this is: the movie contained something I’ve never seen ever in a major hollywood film: amputee sex! Granted, I realize my fetish may not be that common but here it was on the big screen at the local Cineplex! Sweet! Hell, the ONLY other movies I know of with amputee sex in them are porn films featuring Long Jeanne Silver shoving her stump up inside girls (and boys).
Now I do have a thing for amputees. See my other amputee fetish posts:
Now the amputee sex scene in the Fault in Our Stars was fucking beautiful. It was 99% emotional…and it

was cute how the guy expressed self-consciousness about his stump for the only time ever in bed (compared with his cocky self)  And yes, they did have a real leg double for this film. I found myself more aroused by this scene because of his stump — and well, the whole scene was just beautiful as it portrayed two flawed, imperfect people having sex because they were truly in love — and well, that’s what the best sex is and will always be. You don’t need to have physically perfect bodies and fame to have great sex: you need love and a real connection. And that was exactly what was portrayed here — and it’s probably the best example of love in a sex scene I have ever had the pleasure to witness on screen.

(Off screen, I’d have to go with a particular experience within a Triad that I had — 3 people all in love…it was so magical it hurts.)
Now the stump that Gus had in the movie was due to cancer causing an amputation…and so he did not have my ultimate stump type: on that is long, thin and phallic shaped. In fact, my ideal stump would occur on a female…but you can’t be too choosy when the entire body of amputee sex scenes in Hollywood films is exactly 1. (I don’t believe there was one in Planet Terror while she was an amputee and I’m not counting Forrest Gump because Captain Dan doesn’t actually seal the deal with whores he hires.)  But just for a reference, this is what an ideal stump should look like:
I have to say that The Fault in Our Stars was one of the best movies I’ve seen in years and it was a really emotional experience that was just beautiful. It contained the most wonderful amputee sex scene I’ve ever seen too and it was just about the best of all worlds. Go see it…and my god, is it ever a good date movie too.Note: If you like the tank top, you can buy it here and support the author John Green too as he owns (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).

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