Vagina Weight Lifting Record

Vagina weightlifting records…yes, there is such a thing!  I recently did a post on using weights to do strength training for your vagina. This was a continuation of my article on Kegel exercises and basically on how to take it up to the next level. But how far can you go?

Well Tatyana Kozhevnikova of Russia is the current record holder. Actually, I couldn’t figure out exactly who she holds the record with (it’s not Guiness) but that hardly matters.  Tatyana spends 5 minute a day lifting weights with her vagina (that’s it!) and can now lift 31 pounds! That’s 14 kg! Nice.

All she did to get to this weight is to consistently practice. She inserts a wooden egg that has a string attached to a hook (so the wood egg and a bit of the string is inside her, the rope and hook for the weights is outside). Then she just hooks onto the weight and lifts. Simple.

If you’d like to see her do it (and let’s be honest, you do!) then here’s the video:

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