World Pride Toronto 2014

pride-lesbiansToronto is hosting the 4th Annual World Pride event year from June 20-29 …which means it is going on right now! This coming weekend looks like it will be a doozy too!  For those of you unfamiliar with it, Toronto normally hosts a yearly Pride Week that is fucking massive on any level. Millions of people come out to the gay pride parade and literally fill the streets. The parade itself goes down Yonge Street (Toronto’s biggest street)  and terminates on Church Street in the middle of the Gay Village.

Well, this year Toronto is not only hosting the Canada’s biggest Pride Festival…it’s hosting the World Pride Festival! I, of course, support such activities whole-heartedly as anything expressing freedom of sexuality en-masse is a very good thing.  Pride is also a wonderfully sexual place where lots of fit people are wearing skimpy outfits (frequently topless– and yes, both men and women) and there is drinking and partying on a massive scale.

I may have even gotten both drunk and laid at the Pride Festival in the past. 😉  Now Pride is not quite as
inclusive as Montreal’s Diversity Festival (also an awesome party) whichhot-gay-pride-men celebrates the diversity of sexuality…meaning straight people are actively included in the festival. Not that Toronto’s Pride isn’t brimming with tourists and straight people…it is. But Diversity actually extends the welcome mat to everyone.

I think Bi Pride is an important part of this festival as gay and lesbians seem to be well accepted but bisexuals still seem to be hiding in the shadows so I want to say clearly that being Bi is a choice…it’s an option: you can like both boys and girls and this is actually pretty fucking common! There is no rule that says you can only like one gender. That’s complete bullshit. Pride is all about celebrating YOUR sexuality! So cheers to all those celebrating bi pride! Give each other group hugs!!

topless-pride-girlThis World Pride (and Toronto’s Pride Parade) is one of the best places ever to wear a ‘Free Hugs’ t-shirt …and that’s exactly what I intend to do! Ha ha. The festival always has a friendly atmosphere where people party and quickly become friends. Officially this is a LGBTTIQQ2SA event…which goes way the fuck beyond the LGBT short form that has become familiar…and after looking it up it stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Two-Spirited and Allies. (It’s always good to invite the British, Americans and Russians to these events…especially the Russian 😉 )  The 2nd last term, 2-spirited is an indigenous term for those that adopt traits of both genders  — they feel that their bodies simultaneously manifest the spirits of both a masculine and a feminine spirit. It’s kinda a cool concept really, as why does a person have to be all male or all female?  Anyway…the LGBTTIQ2SA should have an S on the end for fuck sakes!! Include straight people and you display the complete array of sexuality instead missing just one note: it’s like having a fucking rainbow without red in it! WTF.

Again, I’m going to say it: straight people need to be actively included. Celebrate the diversity of sexuality and not ‘everything but straight’ as that’s exclusionary and hurtful.  But that said, it’s one of the most accepting places I have ever been. Toronto is definitely a progressive city and no where does it shine like Pride.  And it’s a damn fine party too:

There are tons of DJs and stages including David Morales and Quentin Harris among many many others.  The festival is all week long — which pretty much means the clubs around Church Street are near impossible to get into if you go too late…but the last weekend of Pride is ALWAYS the best. That’s when the biggest parade is! And the streets are so packed you’ll need a cell phone to find your friends…thought it’s pretty easy to make new ones too.

There will be Drag Queens, Drag Kings, burlesque shows, spontaneous dancing, free stages with music,
beer gardens, dances….hell, there is even a substance free zone because, well, to be honest, gay men and lesbians are not exactly good at saying no to either drugs or alcohol.  Ha ha. Oh, and music-wise there is lots of electronic (house, happy hardcore, drum and base, dubstep etc etc), dance, hip hop, R&B, retro, folk,  rock, folk-rock, disco and even country. Basically, if you can dance to it…it’s here.   There will also be people squirting everywhere as Pride is known for tons of squirt gun wielding people squirting passersby. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if someone squirts on you at Pride 😉

Of course, there will also be lots of leather, PVC, latex and BDSM themed outfits. It’s impossible to not see collars and people being lead about on leashes…amongst many many other things. Yes, Pride most definitely welcomes those into BDSM.

Oh, to give you a bit more of a flavour…here’s a bit from the first day of Pride this year:

Yes…Toronto knows how to do fireworks 😉

So Ashlie is super-stoked about World Pride and is in a house literally filled with party-goers. So yeah,

there’s that. She’s such a good, proud little bi sexpet. <3 Ashlie has always clearly expressed to active interest in bothtoronto-topless-dykes boys and girls — and has never once seemed in the slightest bit self-conscious or ashamed of it! Previous Pride festivals she’s worn some ridiculously skimpy outfits that featured her tiny waist and flat stomach…so yeah…the eye candy keeps on rollin’!

So….fuck yeah…perhaps I’ll post more pics and videos…but I’ll be kinda busy through to this weekend so I prolly won’t post too much…except perhaps something sitting in my drafts. Note: This may also be affected by alcohol consumption. 😉

Some come join me already! Get your ass down to Toronto and party!

Ok, ok, if you need more deets…here’s the official website and calendar:

Oh…I guess I should’ve mentioned this before…so my apologies if you have a hard time finding a place to stay as it’s WAY too late too book anything! Ba ha ha ha ha!


Here’s a list of the parties for Pride Weekend:

Thursday, June 26th
Friday, June 27th


Saturday, June 28th
Sunday, June 29th



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