bagpiperThe bagpiping I am talking about is not a ‘musical’ thing but rather a sexual thing. But what exactly is bagpiping? Simply put, bagpiping is armpit fucking. It is a form of non-penetrative sex and it actually works pretty well — except for how it looks.  So let’s explore bagpiping a little, shall we?

Bagpiping is named after the fact when one plays the bagpipes, you use one arm to squeeze the ‘bladder’ of the bagpipes…in essence squeezing your arm into your body. This is the exact same motion that is used when armpit fucking as the girl (or guy) squeezes her arm to create more friction as a penis is thrust in and out between her arm and her torso. It is not exactly armpit fucking as the idea is not to fuck and  try to penetrate the armpit but to use the skin around the armpit as a fuckable surface.
When I first saw bagpiping in a porn film I laughed aloud and said to my girl, “Ummm, he’s doing it wrong!” ha ha.  It was kinda out there. But it actually works pretty well and it is actually a fair bit more pleasurable than tit fucking (especially if she has small tits that we designed to look cute and perky rather thanbagpiping-sexual being penis devouring sacks ‘o fun. )  It works well because the arm and the torso both have bones in them covered by flesh that provide additional pressure –along with muscles that can squeeze the penis.
Bagpiping does work best with girls that have a little bit more flesh on their bones– a BBW will be able to provide much more surface area and perhaps even engulf the entire penis with her fleshy arms. So bagpiping actually works best with bigger, curvier girls.
Just be sure to have plenty of lube on all surfaces.


Ok, I often include safety in my posts but how the hell are you gonna get hurt from fucking an armpit? Well, mostly, you’re not! That’s the point! This is non-penetrative sex. It feels good… but is relatively safe to do. Of course, when he cums his semen may carry diseases and worse, baby-cause germs to sensitive areas which cause infection and in the worst case scenario: pregnancy. (ha ha…I’m all anti-baby having had one literally puke on me today and then cry inconsolably….gross. )  But the odds of these horrific infections are drastically reduced by performing much safer non-penetrative sex such as bagpiping over traditional sex with a condom — with the highest risks of all being attributed to bareback vaginal and anal sex. Basically, if you


bagpipe…the guy is likely to get off with nobody getting hurt.
The only other safety risk I can think of is open cuts caused by her shaving her armpits and nicking herself ( so use the other armpit that she doesn’t have an open wound — if she’s cutting both armpits, get a fresh, sharp razor and learn to shave.)
Other risks include stubble causing intense sandpaper burn on your dick and her having not shaved her armpits at all which will cause general nausea.


I’m a World War One buff and here’s what I think about when I think of bagpiping. On 8 October, 1916 a young Canadian piper named James Richardson of the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders of Canada noted that his company was held up by barbed wire and intense fire during an attack. He marched up and down the wire playing the bagpipes inspiring the men of the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders to rush the wire, break through it and take the enemy position.  After this, he helped the wounded back to friendly lines but stopped to go back and get his bagpipes. He was never seen again.
For his bravery he was awarded the highest military medal: the Victoria Cross.
Piper Richardson’s bagpipes were recently discovered in 2003 — 90 years after they were lost in the mud.

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