Bettie Page: Queen of Pin Ups

bettie-page-spankedA woman who has been an inspiration to me for years has been Bettie Page. So I’m going to tell you a bit about this 1950’s pinup queen and why she is so damn awesome…and why she disappeared at her peak. And she really is awesome. She’s the perfect mix of the innocent girl next door crossed with a fiery sexkitten: she is  shy yet daring, pure while being naughty.  And above all else, she’s charismatic. (I have included a movie trailer of Bettie Page down below so you can see her moving…which she does so well.)  This is a woman who took the art of burlesque to it’s highest level. But the real reason I love her is she was the first famous BDSM and bondage pinup model…ever! That and she became an icon that literally planted the seeds of the sexual revolution.

bettie-page-cheetahHugh Hefner on Bettie Page, “It’s very difficult to find a parallel for her. I mean, this combination of naughty and nice and it is all in the context of innocence…The remarkable thing about her image is how much it has influenced pop culture from movies, to music and fashion…remarkable.”   I think that’s a great way to sum Bettie up and it help explain her wide appeal to literally generations of men.  She’s a subversive, adventuresome sexual persona that women have been trying to emulate for decades. She’s was on the leading edge of expressing sexual liberation in very repressed time and helped open the door to the sexual revolution of the 60s while influencing our entire concept of what is sexy.

Bettie Page expresses herself with a radiance and healthy sexuality that comes across as genuine and never cheap or ‘skanky’. Ever. And women love this about her.  She’s the slut that pulls it off and gets away with it…becoming an icon in process. She has a sexy, sensual, timeless look that both beautiful but approachable.

Bettie Page was the original pin-up girl (called America’s #1Pin bettie-page-stockingsUp Girl) who became a cultural force — and then at the peak of her popularity: she disappeared.

When I first started this article it ran on WAY too long. I have to much to say about Bettie Page. I will cover her entire life story in upcoming posts. Specifically, I want to cover:

  • her early years
  • starting modelling
  • the camera clubs
  • her nude modelling
  • influence on the modern bikini
  • Bettie Page the Queen of Bondage
  • Her Mysterious Disappearance
  • Religion
  • her mental breakdown
  • her resurgence in pop culture
  • her relationship with Hugh Hefner
  • and finally her death.
But considering this intro is already a good sized post…I’m going to divide it up. So enjoy the coming series! I’ll link the different sections to the list above as I post them.

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