Female Ejaculation in other Primates


I think you should do more gangbangs

I recently did a post on the commonalities between humans sexuality and our closest primate cousins, the bonobo. But it only occurred to me today to ask the question: do female bonobos ejaculate?

And the answer is, yes, yes, oh god YESSssssssSSSSSS!  According to Katerina Nolte, female bonobos frequently ejaculate. She notes, ‘this seems to come in handy during many female homosexual encounters’.  She also speculated that female ejuaculation is a method of marking territory. You see, bonobos typically have matriarchal societies and so they females have a need for marking their territory. The males respond very positively to the fragrances (just like humans).






Female bononos often masturbate many times a days (on

top of their typical sexual encounters) and the ejaculate can even be directed down the female’s long clitoris ontoshaved-pussy-squirting trees. Females often masturbate and squirt on the main tree trunk and so the hypothesis of marking the tree seems to match this behavior.

Females also have been seen as a preference for sex toys. Specifically, mangos. Which, I have to admit, gives me some ideas.  They also use leaves and figs.

A favorite quote from her text on Primate Sexuality is, “The female bonobo experiences countless orgasms throughout the day. Their orgasms occur within seconds of clitoral stimulation and are expressed through high pitched shrieks and vaginal contractions.”  🙂

gushing-during-sexAlso, since I didn’t cover it in my prior article, ‘Like humans but unlike chimpanzees, female bonobos are sexually receptive during their menstrual cycle.”  Which matches my experience of one girl who used to get horniest when she was bleeding.

Also, they tend to mate face to face while looking into each other’s eyes. They kiss and french kiss…hell, they even Australian kiss. 😉 Females also ask to be touched and licked in certain areas and make efforts to show their partner how they enjoy being pleasured.

However, despite bonobo sexual liberalism, all of these primates are strictly bisexual with no observances of completely straight or homo-sexual behavior.


Bonobos do not use bite bars, however. 

And finally, the most healthiest, fittest, most sexual and sexually active females have the highest status in bonobo troops. The female that ejaculates the most is most likely the leader. It has been observed that a female’s place in the troop hierarchy is determined by her sexual prowess and promiscuity with the leader being the most sexual of all.

But the take away from this article is: female bonobos squirt/female ejaculate just like their human cousins.

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