Bettie Page, Bunny Yeager and Playboy

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Page and Bunny Yeager

When Bunny Yeager approached Bettie Page about doing swimsuit modeling, Bettie said, “I also do nudes.” Well Bunny was intrigued. She’d never worked with a professional nude model before. The two hit it off like wildfire. Bettie got exactly what Bunny was going for and she also felt very comfortable shooting with Bunny because they were both females.  They went on to create some of the most iconic photos ever taken of Bettie Page.


Bettie Page and Bunny Yeager

Bettie Page did lie to Bunny about her age however. Bettie claimed to be 24 when in reality she was 32 when she did her first photo shoot with Bunny.

Bettie felt more comfortable shooting with Bunny because she was a woman and the relaxed nature of the shoots comes through in the photographs. Bunny even convinced her to take the now iconic photos of Bettie with leopards. Here’s a rarer shot with the two of them together at that photo shoot.

They would do things like get up early to head down to the beach at 7AM and shoot before anyone else got there. Or once they snuck into an amusement park at Coney Island early in the morning and took photos on some of the rides! (See Below a painting of the shoot):


Once, when they were out on a boat, Bettie was naked on the water and posing with a fishing rod. Well, she got a bite and reeled in that fish! Here’s the painting from that photo shoot:


That fall, Bunny thought that the Christmas season was approaching so she shot some photos of Bettie in a Santa hat kneeling near a Christmas Tree. Well, Hugh Hefner bought the photos and put them into the January 1956 issue of Playboy. Bettie Page was Miss January 1955. Hef knew as soon as he saw Bettie Page that he had his Christmas centerfold…Miss January being extremely important as December is the top selling month for men’s magazines (for some reason, they alway put out the January issue in December.)  The photos of Bettie wearing just a Christmas hat were a massive hit and helped bolster the still growing magazine — helping to make Playboy the magazine we all know and love.



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