Female Ejaculation and the Tantric Transfer of Energy

lesbian-squirtingThis is going to be a post on female ejaculationa and specifically the tantric energies contained in that fluid.  Forget all about the ‘is squirting fake‘ arguments — and let’s look at the key ingredient that makes shejaculate special: energy.  I am basing this post on tantric texts, tantric teaching and my own personal experience– and it is going to be highly spiritual in nature.   Hopefully it will explain why girls like to cum this way so much and why men respond so strongly to female ejaculate.

Note: If you aren’t buying this tantric explanation for female ejaculation, that’s fine…but keep in mind that it is well documented in the Tantric tradition, it matches the experience of many squirters and even the most famous squirter, porn legend Annie Sprinkle teaches tantric workshops.

When a girl has a squirting orgasm and female ejaculates, the fluiddrinking-female-ejaculate itself has very special properties.Not only is it a great, slippery lubricant that tastes great and yet magically disappears from the sheets…her shejaculation also results in energy transfer.

Shejaculation is all about the female orgasm. Females are traditionally seen as the passive, wet, dark, cold and empty in Eastern traditions.  This is a description of the yin as opposed to the masculine yang which is active.  It is the dynamic thought on how things in the universe interact.  The activity of our body (yang) is nourished by the physical body (yin).

Black = yin

During sex, certain energies are built up and released.  When a full orgasm is achieved, it is the opening of the chakras and allowing of energy from the universe to flow through one’s physical form. Typically in men. this opening only lasts for a few seconds as they ejactulate and their cum is imbued with some of this energy which is flavored with yang energies.  So men expend yang energy when they cum,

When a woman has a clitoral or vaginal orgasm without ejaculating, she too open her chakras up and allows the energy to flow into her.  But she, being by nature a black hole where energy may be absorbed…absorbs all of the yin energy and none is left over.

This is just fine. It is part of the difference between the active energy of men putting stuff out there and the passive energy of women absorbing things.

But when a female builds up so much yin energy that there is a massive imbalance it becomes more

Excessive yin

active and manifests itself in a female ejaculation with the female squirting all kinds of fluid out of her vagina. (Vagina. That’s just not a hot sounding word. Pussy sounds too hairy to me. I am gonna go with Cunt after Kunti the Hindu goddess partially because I like the way the word sounds and love cunts and don’t see any insult in the word at all. It’s the female version of cock. It’s nice.) So she squirts out of her cunt and actively gives her yin energy a physical form.

This is ultimate in transferring energy. In Tantric texts female ejaculate is called amrita or divine nectar and is associated with the Eastern version of the fountain of youth. Interestingly, the amrita with the most energy and therefore the most potent and powerful is that from an older, powerful woman. This too matches my experience where very energetic, spiritually powerful women both tend to squirt and their ejaculate makes me


Frequent masturbators are much more likely to squirt


Keep in mind that sex feels so good because it is the seeking of union and oneness.  It is the coming

together of 2 and making one.  Males wish to join females and females which to absorb males.  But in the case of shejaculation, the female is so full of energy that she reaches out and attempts to join the male and soak him with her squirted fluids.  This fluid is highly charged with massive amounts of yin energy and it feels really good to let it flow like a fountain.

Men instinctively recognize what is going on and see a oneness with their own response…and are turned on like mad! Men love female ejacualation because they see it and recognize it as what happens to themselves…rather than the ‘normal’ female orgasm that is far stranger and more mysterious to men.

Now when a man encounters the female ejaculate, he may also find himself suddenly drawn to swallow the her fluids. The reason for this is…it’s yin energy. It’s meant to be absorbed. Also, men are naturally depleted in yin energy and desire to swallow it to top up their supplies. As a result, men are healthier for it and also find themselves less tapped out after sex as instead of releasing a concentrated amount of energy without replenishing their supplies, they are being filled with concentrated yin energy which is rarer for men to even have in the first place.

So health-wise, men would do well to drink as much female ejaculatelesbian-squirt-bukkake as they can get their mouths on.
It will rebalance them, strengthen their bodies, immune system and calm their minds. Generally, it is a really good thing for men.  But that’s not all. You know you are on the right track when your body signals you that things feel good, right? Well, check this out:

When men who are sensitive to energy (such as myself) swallow female ejaculate, the energy flows down to their stomach along with the physical fluid. From there, the energy spreads out to their internal organs.  What I have consistently noticed is, a few minutes after swallowing her energy, it seeps into my 3rd chakra from my stomach. The result is …sudden 3rd chakra orgasm.

Seriously. I cum from my solar plexis and it’s like BAM! No warning. The concentrated yin energy hits the chakra and it just causes it open right up and I cum. I’ve had it hit with no build up whatsoever and even in mid-sentence while not doing anything sexual any longer.  I’ll be talking and WHAM! I’m cumming. Usually followed by, ‘wow, I forgot that would happen’

This happens reliably because of the mechanisms in place. The energy that women cantantra-spiral concentrate before they vajaculate is much greater than (most) men can summon ever.  The female ejaculation energy is swallowed by the man and absorbed internally. From there, it spreads out from the stomach into the organs and then either is absorbed by the body or the excesses bleed off into space. The more sensitive and energetic you are…the more likely you are to absorb the energy in a chakra and have it manifest as a tantric orgasm. Note: From my own experience, I only ever have had 3rd chakra orgasms triggered by drinking female ejaculate. This has lead to 4th and 5th chakra orgasms that have cascaded out of the experience…but never a 2nd ‘sexual’ chakra orgasm with accompanying male ejaculation. I am not saying that 2nd chakra orgasms are not possible from drinking ejaculate– just that I have not experienced them.

So as part of a sexual experience, drinking ejaculate and sharing energy this way is one of the best  ways to bring lovers closer. Additionally, since the man is physically absorbing the energy from the female, it makes it more likely that they are energetically aligned and so they should get along better too. 🙂

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