Is it Safe to Drink Female Ejaculate?

squirting-gurlI received a private email asking the question of, ‘Is it safe to drink female ejaculate.’  This is an interesting question and frankly I am somewhat surprised that people are worrying about this. So this article is to put all of your worries at ease.

Female ejaculate is one of the safest fluids produced by the human body. It is produced primarily in the Skene’s glands and contains no bacteria in it’s usual form. It is naturally virus free although it is possible for it to pick up viruses from the the vagina as it passes out of the body. That said, the mouth is on of the fastest healing places in the human body and in order for most viruses to gain a foothold it would have to pass through a small injury/cut in the mouth to enter the blood stream (I am thinking of things like HIV here). HIV cannot survive the human stomach and so if you successfully swallow the liquid, it likely that the virus — if it happens to be picked up — will be killed. But these dangers are much greater

from giving oral sex to an infected woman than anything associatedanal-toy-squirting with drinking her ejaculate.

The ejaculate itself is hydrating, bacteria free, and generally pretty tasty.  The only component that could possibly cause problems is the urea contained in it (ejaculate contains urea, like urine, but in much smaller concentrations than pee.) The urea can irritate conditions such as gout — especially if the drinker has poor renal function (their kidneys are not doing their job well.)  But this would only show up in a person with a pre-existing condition and only after prolonged daily exposure over the period of weeks (if the condition is very serious beforehand) or months to years of daily drinking if the condition is less serious. But for the most part, with healthy individuals, drinking female ejaculations (shejaculate) poses no threat whatsoever.
So go ahead and drink as much as want! I know I do and have hadsquirting-swallowing-lesbo the pleasure of drinking it squirting orgasm and then drink her squirt. Shejaculating is an awesome thing and nothing to be worried or afraid of and shejaculate rocks…feel free to give her squirting orgasms and make female ejaculation and drinking it a great part of your daily fun. Additionally, it is mentioned in Tantric texts as an important part of energy exchanges.
everyday with only the positive side effects associated with a rockin’ sex life.  As far as I have read, there is nothing in it to negatively effect your health.   It is certainly a common practice to make a woman have a


driinking-from-pussyDisclaimer: I am not a doctor and so all of my posts are for novelty entertainment only. If you have health concerns, ask you physician. (I do like to read medical journals and articles of female ejaculation however, and in my non-expert interpretation of things I am not licensed to interpret…I haven’t encountered a single thing to indicate that there is any harm from this practice. But I may be wrong so ask your doctor…who is alway going to be more up to date on these topics than me, right?

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