Bettie Page and Religion

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sexy_nunNow one thing you probably didn’t know and/or expect is America’s favorite pinup model was also deeply religious and devoted to God.

During one wrestling movie shoot, Bettie Page heard a crack. “I couldn’t straighten my right knee at all. Finally, I called the doctor. He said, ‘there will be a 6-inch scar.’ He said, ‘You won’t be able to do you your pin-up modeling anymore.’   I was lying in bed feeling unhappy because I wouldn’t be able to do my modeling anymore…when all of a sudden I heard a man’s voice, just as loud and clear…he said, ‘Bettie, you can straighten out your knee. Try it now.’ And within a couple seconds, I was able to straighten out my knee. I knew immediately that it was the voice of God.”

Bettie actually went to church on Sundays.

Later in life, she would leave an ex-husband to answer the call of the church (a neon cross called out to her and she had to go inside that church.)  From there, she studied for 3 years in Bible College and upon graduation wanted to become a missionary. However, Bettie wasbeautiful-bettie-page divorced and wasn’t allowed to be a missionary.

So Bettie Page was always deeply religious, throughout her entire life. When she met the president of her fan club, she spoke passionately with him and mostly about the Bible.

Bettie never saw any conflict whatsoever with God and her bondage/fetish modeling.  She felt that she was just being playful and was in no way sinning. Her only hesitation at all was with doing some of the nude photography work as did thing God may have an issue with that.
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