Resurgence of Bettie Page



Bettie Page suddenly disappeared from the world in 1953.  But the world didn’t forget.

In the 1980s, Dave Stevens published a comic book called the Bettie Pages. It sold out instantly in new stands and comic book stores. It didn’t take a marketing genius to figure out that Bettie Page was still a hot item. Suddenly an entirely new generation was exposed to the perfection that was Bettie Page.

Since the 80’s all sorts of things bear the likeness of Bettie Page from lighters, calendars, guitars, coffee mugs, figurines, buttons, keychains and t-shirts. Some stores have whole Bettie Page sections in them. She can be seen in movies, books and comics and posters. I personally have the Irving Claw photoshoot figurines, a coffee mug, 3 books and a poster.  Bettie Page has had songs written about her. And inspired several movies including The Rocketeer, The Notorious Bettie Page and Bettie Page Reveals All (the last has 4.3/5 stars on Netflix.)

There are many different kinds of Bettie Guitars out there


The truth is, Bettie Page’s popularity only seems to be rising.  Go into a small comic book store in a little town and you are likely to find more than one item dedicated to Bettie Page. She has truly become an icon.  Her beauty and playfulness has become symbolic of sexiness — the perfect mix of innocence and kink.  She’s the perfect subject for art.

Hell, she’s on just about anything these days that can be sold. T-shirts, mugs, cufflinks and books. But did you know there is even a Bettie Page store Los Vegas! Yup yup yup. Bettie Page is a hot ticket item.






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