The Mysterious Disappearance of Bettie Page

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bettie-page-dancingBettie Page began modeling at the age of 27. She hit her stride and became the Queen of Pinups and a Bondage Queen by the age of 32. But buy now Bettie had been harassed by the law and seen her good friend Irvin Claw ruined by draconian law enforcement. She also realized that she was 34 and wanted to leave the pin-up world at her peak so the whole world would remember her in her prime. And so…she just disappeared. She left New York City and left only mystery in the wake of her peak.

“I would like people to remember me how I was in the photos.”
                                                                         -Bettie Page

With this final move of completely disappearing at her peak cemented her place as a pinup legend. She simply dropped off the face of the planet and no one had any idea what happened to her. And just like all celebrities that die — her place as a treasured national icon was secured.

Rumors of what happened to her spread like


Do you have any idea how hard it
was to find patent leather boots with
heels in 1950??

crazy. Everything from selling hash in Texas to marrying a Duke in England…but no one really knew what had happened to the infamous Bettie Page.  Many fear she had been kidnapped or worse.  Some suspected that she went to one bondage shoot too many and met her demise bound by some sadistic killer. There was even one rumor that she was passing out religious literature in Chicago at the O’hare Airport for Billy Graham.

And guess what? The last rumor…was actually true!

So what actually happened to Bettie Page?  The truth was a complete mystery for decades. The pin up icon that transformed fashion and our idea of what is sexy…simply disappeared.

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