120 Days of Sodom

rope-bound-slaveRequired reading.

If you have not read anything by the Marque de Sade (who is the namesake of the term Sadist and a key author of the term Sadomasochism) then you really should read something, for fuck-sakes!

He was a French aristocrat and extreme pervert who was most definitely into all things perverted such as (but not limited to) whipping, beating, caning, bondage, squirting, forced orgasms, jailbait, gratuitous sex and violence and incest.

Yeah, he was  a well-rounded pervert.bare-vagina

If you have not read anything by him…here’s a link to 120 Days of Sodom as an early kinky
Christmas present to you. It is the full, uncensored version of the e-book in pdf format.

You are welcome.

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