Christmas Scuptures

Paul McCarthy, a Los Angeles based artist, is the man. He somehow convinced the city of Paris to allow him to make a 24m tall sculpture of a ‘Christmas Tree’ in Place Vendome in the capitol of France.

This ‘Christmas Tree’ doesn’t look that much like a tree to me. It reminds me of something else entirely. I can’t quite place it though.

I guess it kinda looks like this? Maybe?


I mean, they barely look the same.

You were probably thinking it looked like the Christmas Tree it was supposed to be…something like this, right?


They are practically identical. Am I right?

Look again at the Christmas tree in Paris:

If you see a butt plug you are just plain a pervert and not at all in the Christmas spirit.

Now Paul McCarthy also did a lovely ‘Santa holding a tree’ in Rotterdam:

Which doesn’t look at all like various anal toys:




That would be ridiculous. I kinda feel a kinship to Paul McCarthy as if I could con people into erecting these statues for the shear pleasure of making my inner 13-year-old giggle…I totally would!
Merry Christmas!!

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