Fruit Masterbators

Here is a sex toy that answers all the wonderful fruit without the fructose fantasies you’ve been having.  You know you like fruit. Everyone likes fruit. But do you *like* like fruit?  Does fruit get you hard as a rock?

Ummm…me neither. But if it did…then I would want to get this Fruit Masturbator, right? I mean, it’s the fruit equivalent of the blow-up sex doll. And blow up sex dolls are super sexy, right?  It’s almost better than finding an actual girl. And you know what is even harder to find? A fruit that won’t reject just because you are not only not of the same species but you are not even a plant!

Well, to save you from the horrid silence of fruit rejection…then fruit masturbators are definitely the way to go.

 I know, why not just get a real fruit you ask…naw, these dongfruit are awesome because it allows you to fuck the fruit of your fantasies like raspberries (which are normally way to small to actually fuck.)  It’s the fruit equivalent of wanting to fuck Tinkerbelle.

At least it is under $10 and so weird it will make a fantastic stuffing stocker.  Especially for Grampa.

Damn,,,guys will stick their dicks in anything.

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