Slutty New Years! But wait…it already happened??

subspace-nyeNew Years Eve is a great time of year. It has to be hands down the easiest evening to get kisses on.

Of course there are certain events like Subspace in Toronto who had a fetish role play night on December 27th…which was really a brilliant idea. You see, New Years is always a crazy busy, expensive night for any party.  All venues charge 3x as much (at least) and it’s always goddamn impossible to get a cab. Hotels in Toronto are all booked and will fuck you over too. If you have kids…try getting a new years eve babysitter!!

Have you ever spent the new years eve mostly in a goddamn line up? What a fucking retarded move that is. So I appreciate Craiger’s ingenuity in holding a ‘roleplay’ event where we all pretend it is New Years — 4 days early.

Of course, fetish attire was a must (meaning PVC, latex, leather, uber goth, formal uniforms, rubber and of course, corsets and lingerie.)

So why not have a party, complete with countdown, champagne,  noisemakers, hats, balloons and streamers several days early?  Genius! Fucking genius.

Happy NEW YEARS everyone!

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