Wartenburg Pinwheel

Wartenberg Pinwheels are a medical instrument that is not only cheap…but incredibly fun.  What is it?  It is an all metal instrument that has a rotating disc of pins on it. Originally it was used by doctors to test nerve function but now, like everything, it can be used for sex!


This little gizmo is super cheap at $4 from Amazon and it can be used on tender sensitive bits like nipples and shaved pussies. It does not look like a friendly device…so make she gets a good look at it before you use it.
It is designed to roll so you can glide it over her and give her all kinds of prickly sensations.
It is sharp but not overly sharp — so just don’t press too hard and break the skin and you will be fine.
Bonus technique:

Put it in the freezer so it is really cold.

Aren’t BDSM toys fun?!  With Christmas coming…this gift certainly doesn’t seem like it is $4 and a great gift for any kink folk in your life.

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