Selena Gomez Bound

Just a quick post about Bustin Jieber’s girl (ex? I dunno, I barely have these things on my radar).  I saw this picture of Selena Gomez wearing a white romper and there was only one thing I saw. Yes, in classic ink plot (the Rorscharch test) fashion…I analyised my psyche and found it perverted.

You see…all I saw was the ropes binding her angles so she looked like a bound slave out for a walk. Selena is uncollared and for some sad reason her hands are free when clearly they should be bound too. Oh wait…the ropes joining her feet are actually the boat lines :-/

But still, I have no doubt she’d make an excellent sex slave after convincing her that it would be really fun for her…though I am not sure if I could stomach the pick up as I’d probably have to go in with douche-bag approach as obviously, she has a type.

Here is a painting I did inspired by that photograph.

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