Subspace and Slutspace



Slut in slutspace — living the dream
(and you can see it, can’t you?)

Most people familiar with BDSM know what subspace is. It is that awesome zen headspace where all your thoughts go away and you are one with you Dom/Domme and just floating and blissful. Every sense is heightened and every lick of torture makes you fly higher.

But what about Slutspace? Slutpace is that primal, untamed sexual hunger that can only be quenched by a thousand throbbing cocks. It’s the feeling of sexual power and embracing who you are as sexual being so much that it drives and empowers you. You feel strong, healthy, alive and JUST want to fuck.

In slutspace, you can walk down the street and all eyes are on you as people sense your radiating energy. Every conversation you have is flirty and things…just flow. ┬áBeing in slutspace could have you making out with 2 people at once and it just feels right (none of that awkward bullshit). You have accepted yourself, your sexuality…and now you just want to play.


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