The Natural Sex Toy You Never Knew You Had

nose-kiss-loversIt seems like guys are willing to spend any amount of money on a sex toy just to please his woman. And many a toy is marketed more at guys than women or at least they seem that way to me. A lot of vibrator packaging has a scantily dressed woman in suggestive position on the box — which yes, may appeal to some women in a ‘I’d like to be her’ sort of way. But is it for her? Or for some dude who is thinking about buying one for her?

Granted, sex toys have come a long way in recent years with girl throwing sex toy parties — which sounds soooo much more fun than tupperware parties! (Then again…tying my shoes sounds more fun than going to a party which discusses ways to store food in great detail.)   But for the guys looking at dildos and vibrators…why not use the natural sex toy you already have?

What is it?  Your nose. Yup. Your nose is a really great sexual aid. Why? Because its soft, warm and spongy…and the tip of your nose is very sensitive too! All of which means your nose is the perfect tool to use on her clit. Go on, rub it on her clit and concentrate on the sensations that feel really good on the tip of your nose. If it feels good to your nose…it will feel great on her clit.

Also, this is an absolute must when you are sucking on her pussy and licking her clit like a champ…but you just need nose-girla breather so your tongue doesn’t cramp up. Just switch to your nose and you’re golden.

Note: If you use your nose…all you may smell for the next hour is pussy. So yeah, it had side benefits too!

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