A Vajaculation Study Adds to the Is Female Ejaculation Pee Debate

squirting-girl-3someGood lord, the ‘is it pee’ debate is still with us. And worse, there is now evidence using ultrasounds that adds some weigh to the ‘other camp.’  I actually saw this the week it came out…about 2 months ago I would guess…but I am a lazy-assed blogger so I am only writing it up now. I guess part of me didn’t like the conclusion that a lot of squirt originates from the bladder.

Yup, so researchers (whom have so far neglected to invite me on their team for some cruel reason) have been using ultrasound scans on women who squirt.  Now these geniuses have confirmed that the female ejaculate does indeed come out of the urethra.  (To save them some time, I would like to independently confirm that male ejaculate comes out of the urethra as well. @_@ )

Doctor Samuel Salma in Le Chesnay, France and his ‘colleagues’ managed to convince 7 women to squirt for them in the lab while they took ultrasounds of their pelvis to figure out what was going on.

The women then proceeded to be ‘stimulated’ either through masturbation (did this study provide aThe women were first asked to provide a urine sample. Because the good doctor obviously also has a pee fetish…and he also wanted to take an ultrasound to confirm that the bladder was completely empty. But I suspect he was trying not to drool when he got the urine samples back.

sybian for this??)  or they were stimulated by a partner. (Again, if the partner was provided or not is also unclear. 😉  )squirt-drinking   After 25-60 minutes — and right before a vajaculation orgasm, a 2nd ultrasound was performed.   I can’t help but think what a turn off that would be! Oh God, oh god! Don’t stop.  Yes, scan me! Give me that ultrasound! Oh yessss!  :/

Even though the women had just peed, the new scan found that their bladders had completely refilled. The bladders had filled far faster than they would have without stimulation and so they think the female ejaculation experience was definitely related.

Then the women were allowed to cum and squirt all over the place. Oh? Wait, no, they were allowed to squirt into a plastic sample bag.  (Again, super hot!)

Finally, as the women collapse into a post-orgasmic heap…a third ultrasound scan was performed on their pelvis. This time, it was found that their bladders were empty again. This means the shejaculate almost certainly originated in the bladder.

Which…does add some controversy to the ‘is it pee’ debate.  And it is pretty strong evidence…which goes against what I said earlier. Now chemical analysis was also done on the samples and it was found that PSA or prostatic-specific antigen was found in the female ejaculate when it was not found at all in the initial urine sample. PSA is emitted from the Skene’s gland and is considered by some scientists to be ‘true female ejaculate’ …which, in all honestly, is kind of retarded considering when these women just shejaculated they analyzed it so…is that not fucking female ejaculate??? By definition? The obvious answer is yes.

Also…women tell scientists that they orgasm and have an ejaculation and then the scientists are all — The G-spot and Other Discoveries about Human Sexuality (cited in the study) claims that ‘female ejaculation’ should refer to the milky white substance produced in the skene’s glands and not ‘squirting’ which is totally retarded if you consider that the definition of ejaculate is, according to Webster’s Dictionary, to eject from a living body.  So since she is obviously ejecting vacjaculate from her when she sprays and squirts all over the bedroom…*throw hands in the air* fuck dumb-ass scientists, they won’t listen to me anyway.
no no, you don’t know what you are talking about because WE have an excellent opportunity to be condescending here and we are definitively not going to let that pass by! Still, Beverly Whipple, a neurophysiologist from Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey and author of

By the way, PSA is also emitted by the male prostate and is also found in male ejaculations — but not found in male urine.  The PSA is thought to help the sperm swim but ‘it is unknown what purpose it would serve in female ejaculate.’  I laughed at this part because…obviously it is to help the sperm swim! From an evolutionary point of view… it makes sense that an orgasmic female would want to encourage the sperm to get in her and impregnate her.  But I will let some other dumb-ass scientist ‘discover’ this at a later date.

Regardless of the obvious ‘adaptive function’ I just mentioned, this study concluded, “”There are


evidently two different fluids, with two different sources. Whether either of these fluids plays a physiological role – that is, whether they serve any adaptive function, is not known.”

Salma is now working on another study that looks at kidney function to see how and why the kidneys produce more fluid to the bladder during intense sexual arousal of women before squirting.  So yeah, I will report on that as soon as I get my hands on it.   But an obvious point not mentioned at all in this study is this: the bladder fluid was filled really quickly and is not nearly as concentrated at ‘waste’ urine — perhaps because it is generated so quickly.  But maybe Dr. Salma will notice that in the next study.


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