Squiriting banned in Austrialia too??!

mouth-drinking-squirt-pissI came across a couple of sites stating that female ejaculation (aka squirting aka shejaculation aka the best thing ever) was banned n Australia as well as the UK.  Worse, according to the sites, the Australians also banned porn with small boobs! As a porn lover whom those are 2 of my most favorite things…this was the very definition of offensive!

Thankfully, upon further research, it turns out that this is a untruth based upon a proposed ban of both these things from back in January 2010.  Thank God. And Goddess.  Apparently, the Australians were toying with the idea of making sites that showed or linked to sites with female ejaculation or featuring small-breasted performers ‘RC’ or ‘Restricted Content’ and under the laws could be blocked from entering the country via the Aussie version of the Great Firewall of China.

Thankfully, small breasted squirters are still available there. But I am


It would be criminal to deny the perfection

still so offended that this could be given any form of serious contemplation. Small breasts are the
best thing to happen to female anatomy and are so wonderful and
perfectly proportioned on thin girls it makes me want to ban breast implants. But seriously, girls with small tits are self-conscious enough about their perfect perky little boobs without the government up and making them illegal — because..fuck, girls with small tits are not discriminated against enough?? (Actually, the real reason is to prevent sites from encouraging pedophilia by featuring adult women with perfectly normal, naturally occurring breasts??  Squirters would be banned under the guise of a female having a real orgasm and enjoying sex is clearly, and I quote from the RC censors, “female ejaculation is an abhorrent depiction.”

Sadly, the real reason this might not have passed is, banning sites with small breasts, female ejaculation and ANY site linking to them (porn exchange links!!) would all be banned…and this would result in 1M to 10M sites block and the filter would reduce Australia to dial up speeds.

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