Asking to use a Master’s slave

Like many Masters, I receive regular requests from guys I’ve never heard of  (and often new) “Doms” to play with my slave(s).  In person and also by email.

Now I wonder why these dudes think this is okay? If you walked down the street and saw a beautiful 1967she-is-mine Mustang Shelby sparkling in the sun…Would you immediately seek out the owner and ask him if you can take his car for a spin?  If you did, what do you think his response would be?

Now a slave is something that a Master must put a lot of time and energy into to get into tip-top shape so she’s perfectly suited for himself. So perhaps this is more like a custom motorcycle that I have put a lot of time and care put into perfecting.  Would you walk up to a biker with such a bike and say, “Damn, that is a hot bike! I would really like to ride it!”

The reason you don’t is fear. Because that biker is going smash your face.  But is there ever any doubt that he will say no??

My slave is my work of art. She’s beautiful. She’s hot. She is amazing to look at and even better to ride.

And she is mine.


No, you can’t drive my car.
No, you can’t touch my bike.
And there is no fucking way you are going to touch my most prized possession that I love more than anything.

Why-in-the-fuck did you just ask me that?

No. No. A thousand times, no.

It’s not like I won’t let a good friend drive my care after — y’know, we are good friends. But you are just some random dude. And this is the FIRST thing you say to me??  There is no way that I trust you. I don’t know shit about you. And what exactly do I get out of this? Just because I am into BDSM and have slaves does not mean that I let everybody use my toys…nevermind the best thing that ever happened to me.

The next time you have the urge to ask a guy if you can play with his sub…go sober up and reflect on this. The answer from every Master in the world is going to be, “No.” So just don’t bother asking. And if you do…don’t be surprised if you get your ass kicked.

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