Female Sexual Dysfunction


Am I dissatisfied…or is he gay?

I recently came across a stat that seemed like utter nonsense to me — but it appears all over the place from Oprah to across the news networks:  There is a ‘secret epidemic’ where 43% of women suffer from Female Sexual Dysfunction.

The bar for ‘suffering’ from this is insanely low. It was the results of the survey asking the following questions:

During the Last 12 month has there ever been a period of several months or when you…

Yes          No

A. Lacked interest in having sex?

B Were unable to come to climax ?

C. Came to climax too quickly?

D. Experienced physical pain during intercourse?

E. Did not find sex pleasurable?

F. Felt anxious just before having sex?

G. Had trouble lubricating?

If a respondent checked yes to any 1 of those (YES! Just 1!!)…they fell into the 43% with FSD.

The sociologist who created the survey, Ed Loaman said that, “a lot of these women are perfectly normal.” (Yeah, no shit.)  “A lot of their problems arise out of perfectly normal responses of the human organism to challenges and stress.”

Aka ‘life’.  Yup, I hate to break it to younger, inexperienced readers, but you might not always find

sex pleasurable and you may, at times, feel anxious just before having sex.

Pfizer also had financial ties to the authors of the survey— so yeah, there’s that.

When Vivus studied the effects of their drug they also ran into a big problem…the porn that they were using seemed to be having an ‘equal’ effect to the drug…meaning women who watched porn got hornier and had more of a sexual response…the same amount measurable response with or without the drug.  (so when these drugs are marketed and they show ‘effectiveness’ …be very careful about their claims because the big claims of effectiveness are ENTIRELY due to watching porn.

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